You are crazy in love with your partner, but your relationship simply does not go well? Maybe it’s time to let him/her go and continue without him/her. Here are some situations in which love is not enough to maintain the relationship.

The termination is one of the most difficult things with whom we face in life. Breaking with someone you still love is even more challenging. There are many worries and fears when you’re in a relationship, but much more when you leave it. You are full of doubt as to whether you make the right decision.

However, love is not enough to maintain the relationship. Here are situations that are an indicator that you should terminate it:


When you have different life plans

When To Let Him or Her Go

Few relationships can survive if your life goals are different. If you want to marry and to have a pack of children, and he/she wishes to travel the full world by living as a nomad, and then you probably need to think about your relationship. Life plans are a crucial thing, and it is important to be with someone who thinks in the same direction.


When you have different ambitions

If you are an ambitious person, but your partner does not have any goals to progress in work and life, it will cause a lot of problems as time goes on. You might believe that he/she is going to change, to find a job while did not ask for. Over time, you will lose respect for him/her and your relationship will fall apart.

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When you are no longer attracted to your partner

When To Let Him or Her Go

It does not matter how much you love someone when you aren´t any more physically or sexually attracted to your partner – this is the beginning of the end of your relationship. If you love someone, but you do not want him anymore, love is not enough. Sex is an important part of each relationship if that does not work, your relationship can hardly be saved.


When there is too much emotional baggage

We all have the past, and sometimes it is not so pretty. Sometimes, a person has so much baggage from past relationships that we just cannot deal with his inner demons. Not that you want to “fix” your loved one, but it is about things that are so deeply rooted in him, that threaten to destroy your relationship. Maybe he/she is aware of it but just cannot help him/herself. Yes, the past affects us, and it’s hard to get over some things, but you need to find a way to overcome and deal with it. The person that is always hindering by his history, it’s hard to construct a high-quality relationship.

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When you were hurt too many times

When To Let Him or Her Go

When someone betrays you emotional or hurt you more than once, you should know when it’s enough. No love can maintain a relationship in which there are too many harms. Do not act the martyr, do not tolerate something that does not suit you. You deserve better than that.


When you have outgrown him/her

If you feel like a grown person who has the responsibilities and obligations, and he/she still behaves like a wanton child, your relationship will likely come to an end. People are constantly maturing, and when they are in the relationship, they work that together. Therefore, if you have outgrown one another, the problem arises. Couples need to grow together, not individually.

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When you need more from him/her

When To Let Him or Her Go

Are you in a long-term relationship? Are you ready for the next step, but your partner is afraid of binding? If you are in this situation, and you need more than what your partner gives you, maybe it’s time to break up. Maybe he/she will realize how much you mean to your partner when he/she lose you, and maybe it will not. In any case, you’re better alone than to wait for him to decide what he wants more or not.


When you have a turbulent common past

If you and your partner went through thick and thin together, then love may not be enough for your relationship survive. Lies, deceits, cover-up, are not things over which can easily be exceeded, no matter how hard you try to save the relationship. Love is not always sufficient to erase the things that happened, as much as you want and you were trying.

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