Girlfriends are awesome, but most of the time your best friends are more important. Your relationship might not last long, but your friendship definitely will.

Here are some reasons why your best friends are more important than your girlfriend.


1. You don’t need to call them every day.

Reasons Friends Are Better Than Girlfriends

— Best Friends maintain the same relationship irrespective of distance and time. Of course, you need to catch up with them time-to-time, but it doesn’t matter even if you don’t do it for a few weeks or months. Try doing to same to your Girlfriend; Your relationship will end.


2. Your parents usually like your best friend.

— Your parents don’t have a problem with your best friend. In fact, they treat them the same way you are treated. However, when . it comes to Girlfriends, they aren’t accepted by your families (sometimes). So, having a best friend will simply eliminate the tension.


3. Your best friend doesn’t care if you are fat or ugly.

— Your Friendship is important than anything else. They don’t care if you are ugly, smart, fat, slim, wealthy or poor. However, your girlfriend will definitely care about those things. Therefore, it is clear that your best friend loves you more than your Girlfriend.

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4. You can have a relationship with your Best Friend even after 20 years.

— In the case of Girlfriends, you probably know that it’s not going to happen. You will be separated from her at some point in time unless you both are going to get married.


5. You won’t need “space” from your best friend.

Reasons Friends Are Better Than Girlfriends

— Never in your life, you are going to ask a “space” from your best friend. After all, best friends are made to fill that “space” in your life. Even if you do so, they will only ask, “what’s wrong”? and never bat an eye on your decision.


6. You don’t need to dress up stylishly to go anywhere with your best friend.

— Because your friends don’t care how you look. While girlfriends want you to look as good as they are. For your girlfriend, it’s a matter of pride and shame if you look as smart/not as smart as her. It apparently means that your best friend is better than your girlfriend.


7. You can have multiple best friends.

— Talking about girlfriends, you probably know that you can’t even talk to other girls in front of her. All she knows is – Me, Me, Me and Me! While your best friend doesn’t even care about that. (Until they are harming you in any way)

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8. There will be no rumors about you and your best friend’s relationship.

— That’s an advantage here. People won’t have anything to comment on the relationship. When it comes to Girlfriends, there will be hundreds of rumors about your relationship.


9. You don’t have to impress your best friend.

— Your best friends don’t want you to impress them. They simply love the way you are, unlike girlfriends. Talking about girlfriends, you constantly need to woo and chase them, resulting in a loss of time and energy.


10. They always have genuine opinions.

Reasons Friends Are Better Than Girlfriends

— Girlfriends can be biased with opinions, but best friends never are. They always give honest opinions whether you like it or not. The words are real, and they don’t even care if you don’t want to hear it. They believe in letting you know the truth. However, they will give you the most sensible opinion according to the time and circumstance.


11. You don’t have to behave a certain way with your best friends.

— “Manners” don’t exist when you are with your best friend. However, you need to have certain manners when you are with your girlfriend.


12. You can share every problem with your best friend.

— You can’t share everything with your girlfriend. No matter how close she is, there is always some sorts of limitation. However, you don’t have anything to hide from your best friend, as they already know all your darkest truths. What you did last summer and everything else that you probably don’t even want to admit to yourself.

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13. Your best friends always have your back.

— No matter, what situation you are in. Your best friends will always be there for you. If you get into a fist fight, remember that they will get on it too!


14. You don’t have to plan anything

Reasons Friends Are Better Than Girlfriends

— Be it birthday parties or anything. There is no need for planning. Simply show up whenever and in whatever way you like. There is no rule for exchanging gifts too. If you forget your best friends birthday, you won’t get anything more than “few friendly words of abuse.” However, those are much better than a cold war with your girlfriend.


15. Girlfriends may come and go, but best friends are forever.

— Sounds weird, but that’s the truth. Your best friend remains the same way until the end, but your girlfriend won’t. There will be a time when you need to forget everything and move on as if you didn’t know her so well.

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