7 Reasons Why LOVE is a Waste of Time

7 Reasons Why LOVE is a Waste of Time

What if I told you, Love is a waste of time! You won’t agree, right? Of course, you won’t! However, we are here to prove it, and we will.

You must have heard that love is a great feeling that makes you complete and hundreds of more things, but all those are not real.

There are few exceptions but in most cases, all these words are just rubbish.

Without wasting more time, here we go with the post.


1. You spend too much time thinking about him/her.

Reasons Why LOVE is a Waste of Time
Yes, if you had spent the same time doing some productive work, you would probably be a millionaire by now. They are always on your mind, and you have almost no clue whether they have the same feeling or you or not.

In short, you are just wasting your precious time on earth for so-called “Love.”

If you are at a younger age, consider investing the same time on your growth.

It will help you in the long run.


2. You are clung to the phone

Just tell me honestly, for how many hours do you stay online and wait for his/her messages? 10 hours, 12 or 16? Probably 16, Right? When do you have time for yourself or your family? You probably don’t talk to your family much too!

Anything in excess is sure to cause damage, and an overuse of phone will too.

Moreover, you are not gaining anything, except few hours of **Sweet** talks.

If you don’t want these Sweet talks to turn Bitter in your long run, consider limiting the time you devote.

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3. There is no end to your Confusion

You are always confused. Whether he/she likes me, whether it’s real love, whether he/she is dating someone behind your back, whether he/she is honest about her feelings, whether he/she will always be with you… And thousands of more questions.

Well, it doesn’t just end here, come to social networks and chats.

What does “hmm” mean? Why did he/she act like getting bored while talking with me? Why he/she went offline earlier than me, why he/she didn’t like my status.

Questions, Questions, and Confusions.

Questions like these confuse you to no end. You can call yourself a “Confused Soul” when you are in love.


4. You are distracted

Reasons Why LOVE is a Waste of Time
Compare your pre-relationship life with post-relationship? Your productivity decreased, right? If that didn’t happen, you are probably not into real love.

We often get so much indulged in this Fancy word called “Love” that we forget to do what’s important for us. Believe it or not, you are killing your future. (Unless, you are already a millionaire)


5. Your mood depends on your BF/GF

Had a great talk with him/her today? You will be happy throughout the day. However, if you didn’t have a talk or had a small fight, you will be sad and would sometimes just like to hit everyone who comes near you.

In short, your whole mood is influenced by someone else.

Aren’t you giving them too much power over yourself? Think about it!


6. You keep on trying to please him/her.

Don’t you get bored with it? I mean like, who will f*cking attempt to please every time. You have to wear clothes of their choice; you need to make sacrifices for them. It’s simply a no-no for me. If he/she accepts you the way you are, that’s an entirely different thing.

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7. You are always in “Waiting” mode.

Reasons Why LOVE is a Waste of Time
You are waiting for a message, waiting for a call or maybe waiting for something else. But you will surely be in a “waiting” mode. Waiting for countless hours seem to be normal when you are in a relationship. Singles don’t need to face such issues, and we can do whatever we want to.

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