There are moments in life when we think that it cannot be worse, that there is no solution to our problems, that we cannot bear it anymore … There are many examples of these situations: lose the one we love, losing our job, having financial problems, having someone injured, got sick…

We all wanted to throw in at some point. No one is oblivious to the feeling of helplessness and frustration or stress that seems endless. In more than one occasion we have been about to explode and say “I cannot do it anymore”. Finally, we all are human, aren’t we?


Why is it so difficult to move on?

Why Moving On Is The Hardest Thing To Do

Some people are simply not able to deal with their own problems. Why is it so? Life takes its course, we come to the ups and downs and it is much easier to endure when we are on top, of course. But when it encounters a problem we do not know how to deal with it. We want to change that, but we do not know how. Some people are mentally strong enough, so they quickly emerge from a difficult period, but some simply stay mired in the problem. If they failed something, it discourages them and they are unable to move on or are afraid to do so. Because of this fear, people give up many things and this is the biggest mistake they made.

What would help is to get out of the comfort zone, and dare to take risks and not run away from the future. If a man is buried in his problem, and remains in the present and do not dare to change something it will bring him even worse things, and the worst part will disturb his health.

However, what distinguishes successful people from the rest is perseverance; an attitude that is nourished by patience, learning, and self-reflection. If you are going through a difficult time in your business, personal life or work, you must know some tools that help you overcome those crises and turn them into another step to succeed. Take note:


– Make small improvements in your life.

If you feel too much pressure at work or at home, try to change some things that increase your level of stress and anxiety. For example, sort your desk or arrange those papers that have you worried. Identify those slopes that bother you in different areas and define which are easy to attend; you will notice that most will take less than two hours and will mean a great change in your life.

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– Rely on positive people

Why Moving On Is The Hardest Thing To Do

The last thing you need at this time of crisis is to surround yourself with people with negative attitude. If you do so, you will absorb their bad vibes and only increase your frustration. On the contrary, positive people may be just what you need to transform your mood and see things from another perspective.


– Stay away from the problem

If you have a routine it will be very difficult for you to stop thinking about the difficult situation you are going through. So it is best to do some activity that you normally do not do. You could take a few minutes to walk in a park or maybe take a tour of a museum; that is, you must “change of scenery”. You will return to the office with new ideas and solutions.

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– Do not take it all personally

Why Moving On Is The Hardest Thing To Do

It is the wisest advice your friends and family have given you. When you have a problem with someone or you face a failure, the most common is to turn this situation into a reminder of your flaws and limitations. “I’m not good for this” or “that person hates me” are common phrases. To get ahead, you will have to stop thinking like this, be empathic and try to understand why it happened or why the other acted that way.


– Meditate

This exercise can be extremely relaxing and inspiring. Start every day meditating for about five minutes. Use that time to focus on your breathing and your body. Let the thoughts pass and avoid judging them. Try to do it in a quiet place, just after getting up. It will calm you.

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– Disconnect yourself and all of your communication tools

If your company is experiencing a crisis or you have a serious problem at work, you may find it difficult to leave your computer or cell phone aside. However, spending time completely “unplugged”, away from messages and problems could be the best vitamin. Turn off for 10 minutes any form of communication and dedicate yourself to doing something you really enjoy.

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– See the good things

Why Moving On Is The Hardest Thing To Do

When we are going through difficult times we tend to see everything black. This is how we stop visualizing the good that happens around us. Take a few minutes to reassure yourself and think about positive things. Try to write and read them from time to time. It will serve as a reminder that not everything is wrong.


– Exercise

I know what you think: “I do not have time or inclination to run or go to the gym”. Yes, your schedule is saturated, but you should not neglect your body and your health. In addition, the exercise serves to release endorphins, which translates into an excellent therapy to expel your anger or sadness through your movements.


– Seek out your mentor

As always we advise, in your career as an entrepreneur and professional it is essential that you have this figure. It can be a friend, teacher or a relevant personality in your sector; the important thing is to be someone with experience and who is honest enough to speak the truth. Blowing up with him or her will give you a sense of peace, and you could also receive advice that will allow you to alter that awful course you are following.

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– Find the root cause

Why Moving On Is The Hardest Thing To Do

When you go through a difficult time it is normal to blame everyone, to let off steam with your partner and your friends and against everything that is set in front of you. It is best that you sit down to think and analyze what is the reason why you have these feelings. Doing so will help you understand if it is something you can control or something that you do not and that you should rather accept and let go. There lies the wisdom.

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