We live in a fast-moving world where everything is changing in a blink of an eye. Love is a sweet 4 letter word but the problem these days is that we seek love from people who don’t love us.

We keep on wasting time on people who don’t appreciate, nor love us. It’s kinda funny I guess, why do we focus on finding love from the narcissist?

I came up with few possible reasons.

why modern day relationships don't work

The biggest reason is Movies & TV series. The love story we see in Movies & TV series aren’t even close to reality. We develop a fictional character inside us. Be it a girl or a boy they want their love story to be like the one in “The Notebook”, “A Walk To Remember” & “Titanic”. We have created so many fictional characters in ourselves that we have forgotten who we really are.

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Our generation is messed in Movies & Tv series that they are unable to realize it’s all fictional & scripted.

And all those guys who are single out there and who badly want to be in the relationship just understand one thing. Even Rome wasn’t built in 3 days, the tree doesn’t grow in 1 week & flowers don’t grow in 1 week. Similarly, your relationship will not grow in a week. It takes a time.

If I go on a date with a beautiful girl I will not tell her my flaws and even she won’t. Usually, at the start, we all tried to act fake so we can look cool in front of them.

why modern relationships don't work

So this is how the relationship in today’s world start by a “Lie“. And the thing which starts with a lie doesn’t stand strong because the foundation is so weak. The biggest mistake girls make these days is they fall in love with douchebags.

Most of the men today are actually looking for one night love. Once the guy fulfils his need on a bed with the girl, it is most probably time for him to search for a new one. How shambolic is this kind of love? They leave the scar on a girl and that scar may flaunt tattoos on the girl. They start hating every man because of the horrifying past.

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And they, in turn, break the heart of the person who genuinely loves them and not their body. So the genuine man is broken because he didn’t get the love which he desperately wanted. And he turns to become a douchebag.

It’s just a vicious circle. I don’t want to blame anyone here neither men nor woman.

why modern relationships don't work well

They say woman chase guys who have money but I don’t find anything wrong in this. Who doesn’t like successful people? Surely girls want to fall for those guys who can fulfil their needs & bills too. True love only exists in films & TV series get out of this freaking fictional world.

The last reason I would say is our generation is afraid of responsibility. Our generation doesn’t want to live in the world full of compromises.

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If you met a girl and fell in love with her she will have 70% of the things you want and 30% the things that you don’t want. The problem is we search for that 30% in another girl without knowing the fact that the other girl too will have some flaws.

BottomlineLove someone not how they look because you have to deal with the characters in the end. Don’t tell their flaws to anyone, tell them directly. Love is not something that you do for yourself, it’s what you do to serve others.

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