Why You Aren’t Successful Despite Being Hard-Working

Why You Aren’t Successful Despite Being Hard-Working

Our whole life we believe that the people who are struggling and working hard on themselves, in the end, come to success. However, you know how many people make this and have not experienced success. Here’s why this is so.


You do not reach new people

Why You Aren't Successful Despite Being Hard-Working

It is more comfortable to spend time with old friends and people you already know well. The downside of keeping with the same people is that you are constantly surrounded by the same ideas and ways of thinking that are repeating all the time, so you cannot have an insight into another perspective on things. You need to get out of the comfort zone and to introduce at least one new person each week. Then, you will hear new things and get new energy from the new people.


You have an aversion to the new people

When you are in the same environment for a long time, it is difficult to adapt to something new. Changes are creating chances for progress. Instead of avoiding changes try to make the best of them. You will have a different perspective and you will sail into a business that has great potential. You might learn something about yourself which you have never been aware of, in a positive way. Be open to a new concept.

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You are not willing to risk

Why You Aren't Successful Despite Being Hard-Working

Smart people often choose a safe way. Young people often choose an occupation elected by their peers because this is acceptable. They still receive a diploma and do a job where they have security but, those smart people, unfortunately, are not happy. They want something else, but they are afraid to try. Whenever you need to risk and you are thinking about what to do, think of your life for a few years, imagine that you did not do this and try to understand whether you’ll feel regret and sadness that you have not had the courage and not risked.


You are constantly following what currently exists

Successful people do not tolerate waste of time. They know how much it’s worth every minute so they know that when the time they’re looking for something, potentially miss something else, something well. It is much better to decide to focus on one thing that will lead to the end. The results can be surprisingly good. The transition from one to the other thing, especially bearing in mind that each beginning is lengthy, difficult and unproductive, can be a big waste of time, energy and a chance to get into something fully.

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Why You Aren't Successful Despite Being Hard-Working

Hard work and smart decisions can open many doors to us. Sometimes the fact that we have many options can be more frustrating. It is not well to decide to try all of them, and to see what works best for you. It can take years, and that you still switch between the first and the second path. Do the research, consult with others and understand yourself and that topic to reveal whether the decision is pleasant for your character and lifestyle.


You do not believe in yourself

Surprising is the fact of psychologists that smart people often underestimate themselves. They are their biggest critics, and thus make to not believe that they can achieve whatever they wanted. They have extremely high standards and often are reconsidering themselves during the work. This seems like a good feature, but on the other hand, perfectionism can block people on the road to success because nothing in the world is perfect.

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Low expectations

low expectation

If you do not expect anything, nothing you can lose. Often in life, we get what we expect. There is a phenomenon called prophecy that is achieved by himself. Students who expect to pass the exam, usually by the pass and vice versa. Partner treat you the way you expect. The child behaves in accordance with the expectations of parents. Are you familiar with this mechanism? Successful people expect to successfully overcome the challenge and this is usually the case, if not the first, then a next time.


You don’t have goals

Have you no plans? No goals? Automatically do not even know where and which way to go. In the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland,” Alice asks rabbit Hatter at the crossroads of three roads on which of them to move on. The rabbit responds to that it is very important to know where she wants to arrive. Alice replies that it is not so important, to which rabbit suggests that then absolutely does not matter which way to go. You must know where you want to arrive, and when it clearly defined, you just need to relax and enjoy the journey.

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