Why You Should Not Date A Girl In Your 20’s

Why You Should Not Date A Girl In Your 20’s

Dating a girl of your dreams during teenage feels like a dream come true; it’s like you have the world in your hands. But remember one thing, Girls like successful people. Now you might think girls always run after money but who don’t like an individual who has money? Just tell me that. Girls also have their priority they want a guy who is handsome and successful. Why would a girl marry you if you are not successful, and you are still in a rat race to get a good job?

why you should not date in your twenties

And now you are in school/college completely in love with your partner. You devote your time to her, and you waste money on her. And now you may think that this love will last forever, but this is the most idiotic thinking we all do. Dating a girl in your 20’s is just a way to kill your dreams. Wake up; this is your life you have your dreams; you want to create a legacy in this world.

Now some might not agree here but just imagine yourself being in love with a girl during college wasting your degree by not studying just to give her time. Suppose you don’t get a job after four years will she still love a jobless guy? Will she still like an unsuccessful man? Will she still love YOU?

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Think carefully when you fall in love with a person during 20’s so that your relationship will not harm your future. I’m not saying that you should not date a girl, but it should do it in a way you can concentrate on your dreams as well as on her.

Why You Should Not Date A Girl In Your 20's

I still remember the story of World best dating coach “Alex James” when Alex was 18, he fell in love with a girl who was 17. Alex was a shy guy during teenager didn’t have the courage to tell her that He loves her but finally, after ten months he finally proposed her and she said: “YES.”

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But Alex wanted to sleep with her, but Alex didn’t have his house at that time so girl said: “I can’t sleep with you in my house.” Alex stopped chatting and talking with her and work hard with whole passion, desire, and sweat for freaking 18 months. After 18 months, Alex was having his house now, but now that girl was in a relationship with someone else.

why you should not date anyone in your twenties

Girls only fall for successful people. I’m talking about the classy girl, not someone like that you know what I’m talking about. Your dream girl is not going to marry you if you are not successful though you are in a relationship with her right now.

Try to be successful by working hard during 20’s, fulfilling your dreams and creating your empire. And when you become successful, you can date a girl of your dreams and maybe the girl that is beyond your dreams.

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