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Sure, traveling a couple hours to stay in a hotel and see a concert is fun, but wouldn’t you like to see what else is out there? Adventure trips are not only an absolute blast but can be life-changing and soul-transforming events in your life. Here are seven reasons why you should take at least one in your lifetime.


You Will Feel Accomplished

Seven Reasons Why You Should Plan an Adventure Trip Once in Your Life

The greater the challenge is, the more your sense of accomplishment will be, whether that’s climbing up a mountain, taking a long hike, or even just taking an adventure tour through the Sahara. The more you put yourself out there and test your limits, the greater the sense of accomplishment will be on the return trip home.



Make New Friends

Relationships built over adventure will stand the test of time, and no matter where your life takes you from there, you will always have that connection that nobody else will. You learn a lot about people by what happens when they get out of their comfort zone, and everyone that is on an adventure trip shares that one thing in common. That’s a depth of friendship that could take years to develop through regular means.

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It Will Reduce Your Stress

Seven Reasons Why You Should Plan an Adventure Trip Once in Your Life

There are boatloads of science that proves that simply getting outdoors and taking a short walk can greatly reduce your stress levels; multiply that by about a billion if you’re planning an adventure trip. Adventure doesn’t necessarily have to mean “strenuous” either, it can simply mean going somewhere and experiencing something you’ve never done before. My personal favorite is a walking tour through Iceland.



You Will Gain a Sense of Self-Reflection

Long adventure trips separate you from the basics of modern living, such as your cell phone, television, internet, and others, which makes it perfect to learn more about who you are as an individual. Time spent on a mountain will give you a deeper appreciation for the world around you, but can also help you examine your own life and the choices that you’ve made. This can be a perfect type of trip if you find yourself at a point in your life that you feel overwhelmed.

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You’ll Learn Other Skills

Seven Reasons Why You Should Plan an Adventure Trip Once in Your Life

Sure, you can type 80 words per minute and make coffee while on a conference call, but can you negotiate with street vendors in Vietnamese or effectively strap a crampon on your boot? If not, adventure trips can help you learn how to do all of that and more, and even though you may not need to know Vietnamese for your regular job, the experience of haggling with the street vendors will make negotiating your next raise look like a walk in the park.



You Will Feel Rejuvenated

Nothing says refreshment like swimming with whale sharks la paz. The moment you find yourself face to face with one of these majestic creatures, all of your thoughts and concerns will melt away, and you will be overwhelmed with a sense of beauty.

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Instead of taking another class or going back to school, get an education in the world by booking an adventure trip. Studies have shown that brain scans taken after exercise were greater than before, particularly in the part of the brain that helps with storage. If you want to tap into your unreached potential, book a trip that will truly test you.

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