Why Are Young People Not Succeeding In Today’s World?

Why Are Young People Not Succeeding In Today’s World?

Millennials, when they were in school, their dreams were high, their thoughts were exciting and creative ideas use to flow in their veins.

The rise of social media from 2005-2012 has resulted in a catastrophe for young people.

Social apps were created to help people connect with each other on a global scale. Everything has pros and cons, I won’t disagree. But I wonder why our generation is depressed.

Science has proved that people using Facebook or Instagram are more depressed than others. The most prominent reason why young people are not successful because they spend half of the daytime in the virtual world.

The second biggest reason for being not successful is we are living in the subconscious world. Our brain needs two things, i.e., ease & relaxation. You’re sentient yet asleep.

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Why Young People Are Not Successful In Today's World

The best way to understand the subconscious mind is to look at the example of the person who wants to learn how to drive a car. In the beginning, he wouldn’t be able to hold a conversation with anyone while driving as he would be focusing on the different moves involved. That’s because he’s still using his conscious mind to drive.

The subconscious mind; your Autopilot! A few weeks later, driving becomes a natural habit that happens automatically without needing to think about it. That person could even start using his cell phone or talking to his friends while driving.

Millennials are living in the subconscious world, and we are happy because our brain also needs relaxation.

When the moon rises, you are in a fight with yourself. You keep on saying to yourself. “I was supposed to study today but why I have wasted my entire day,” “I have goals but only theoretical but why am I not working for it” and “Why I’m wasting this time repeatedly.”
You think you know yourself properly? Then why do you ask these questions to yourself?

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Why Young People Are Not Successful In Today's World

You try to pacify your mind by telling sweet lies to yourself. My goals are impossible, look how much economy is down, I can’t start my own startup as there is so much competition and these dreams are impossible. You say these philosophical things to yourself because, in reality, you are nothing but a “loser.” A loser which only uses its subconscious mind and never it’s conscious mind.

There are two types of happiness – Temporary happiness and Permanent happiness. Temporary happiness is when you get a reply from your crush you were chasing for so long or getting so many likes and comments on social networking sites. Temporary happiness lasts only for few minutes, and it’s very harmful if you are addicted to fleeting pleasures.

Permanent happiness is the by-product of development. It is slow, but it’s real happiness. And it comes when you work hard for your dreams. You work your ass off to get things to arrange appropriately in your life. The process might be slow, but the result is “utopia.”

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The Cure

Why Young People Are Not Successful In Today's World

When you wake up, try to stay away from mobile as much as you can. This way, you are simply converting your subconscious mind to conscious mind.

Look, you have control over your body. Give no F to your desire and stop wasting so much time on social networking site.

Don’t use mobile for a day and see how many creative ideas pop into your mind. Don’t let desire convince your body that they are in charge of it. Read books, exercise and work for your dreams. Even the tiniest step towards your goal will give you happiness.

Life is too short to regret and make sure when you are in your 60’s you are proud of the decision that you made when you were young.

Forget your favorite TV shows, best YouTubers and movies they will remain static, but one thing will not remain static that is time.

Remember when you were in the mall? You couldn’t afford that shirt, Remember when your parents don’t believe in you? Remember when your crush dumped because you don’t have money? Remember as a child you want to travel the world but now where are you?

Use these things as a motivation to your dreams.

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