Would you rather questions funny

37 Would You Rather Questions Funny

Would you rather Be a cow or a chicken?

Would you rather have no taste buds or be color blind?

Would you rather Eat everything you see or lick everything you see?

Would you rather Have a foot long nose or a foot long tongue?

Would you rather Have a baby at 10 or a baby at 60?

Would you rather Be in jail for ten years or be in the coma for 20 years?

Would you rather Have no brother or no sister?

Would you rather Be invisible or be fast?

Would you rather Look like a fish or smell like a fish?

Would you rather Play on Minecraft or play FIFA?

Would you rather Fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?

Would you rather Have a grapefruit-sized head or a head the size of a watermelon?

Would you rather Be a tree or have to live in a tree for the rest of your life?

Would you rather Live in space or under the sea?

Would you rather lose your sense of touch or your sense of smell?

Would you rather be Donald Trump or George Bush?

Would you rather Have no hair or be completely hairy?

Would you rather wake up in the morning looking like a giraffe or a kangaroo?

Would you rather have a booger hanging from your nose for the rest of your life or earwax planted on your earlobes?

Would you rather Have a sumo wrestler on top of you or yourself on top of him?

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