would you rather questions for girls

37 Would You Rather Questions for Girls

Would you rather Be able to choose your bridesmaid dress or never have to be a bridesmaid again?

Would you rather Have your gynaecologist use a speculum that is too large or a speculum that is cold?

Would you rather Have girl’s night with Oprah Winfrey or Hillary Clinton?

Would you rather never have painful cramps again or never have to shave again?

Would you rather Be catcalled or be treated like a human being?

Would you rather Go through a whole day with a very visible panty line or with lipstick on your teeth?

Would you rather Be asked if you are PMSing every single day or be told to stop being so sensitive every day?

Would you rather wear a push-up bra all day long or stiletto heels all day long?

Would you rather Have an entire eyebrow accidentally waxed off or Get a rash from a poor bikini wax job?

Would you rather get your period at the beach or on a date?

Would you rather Live in a world without the movie “Bridesmaids” or without “Mean Girls”?

Would you rather Have an awful hair day or go through the whole day with your bra’s underwire poking you?

SuggestedThe Hardest Would You Rather Questions for Girls

Would you rather Wear a pad for 12 hours or wear a thong that keeps creeping up into your bits?

Would you rather have tampons for fingers or have pubic hair for teeth.

Would you rather love your spouse or be loved by your spouse?

Would you rather make out on your first date or wait for the right time?

Would you rather have physical intimacy or no true love?

Would you rather have large assets and a disfigured body or have smaller assets with a fantastic body?

Would you rather not put on makeup again or not look at yourself again?

Would you rather have your menstrual cycle on your first night or your honeymoon?

Would you rather get with your boss to get promoted or give up the promotion?

Would you rather be the subject matter of gossip or never being talked about at all?

Would you rather be married to someone extremely attractive or be someone who is extremely attractive?

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