Would you rather questions boyfriend

37 Would You Rather Questions for Boyfriend

Would you rather Kiss or girl or be kissed by a girl? (via)

Would you rather Have a long-term relationship or flings?

Would you rather Have an average girl with a great personality or a hot girl?

Would you rather Stay in or go out for a date?

Would you rather Check out a girl from the back or the front?

Would you rather Wear comfortable clothes or fashionable clothes?

Would you rather Go to a bar, a club, a house party, or just stay home?

Would you rather Find true love or be rich?

Would you rather See a girl in shorts, or in a skirt?

Would you rather Spend $5,000 on traveling or on a physical item like a TV?

Would you rather Not brush your teeth for ten days or not shower for ten days?

Would you rather Kiss a girl on the first date or wait?

Would you rather Be a tutor for underprivileged kids or volunteer at a homeless shelter or

Would you rather Date me or be my friend?

Would you rather Go to an expensive restaurant or a cheaper relaxed atmosphere where the food is equally good?

Would you rather weave a web of lies for your girlfriend or tell her the whole truth?

Would you rather continue your relationship or leave if you find your girlfriend is diagnosed with a terminally fatal disease?

Would you rather eat the food prepared by your mom or your girlfriend?

Would you rather take your girlfriend out for a date or snuggle her in your arms and stay indoors?

Would you rather see your girlfriend with or without makeup?

Would you rather leave your girlfriend if she is not good in bed or continue living with her?

Would you rather sleep with your girlfriend or get paid $10000 not to?

Would you rather have an obsessed girlfriend or a hot, cheating one?

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