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37 Would You Rather Questions for Tech Lovers

Would you rather Stop using YouTube or stop using Instagram? (via)

Would you rather check your email first every morning or check your social media first every morning?

Would you rather lose your keys or forget your cell phone?

Would you rather Only have access to YouTube on the Internet or only have access to games on the Internet?

Would you rather eat the same food for the rest of your life or never use Instagram again?

Would you rather watch TV all the time or not watch TV at all?

Would you rather Have slow but unlimited internet or Paid but Limited Internet?

Would you rather Give up shopping for three or give up emoji for three months?

Would you rather lose all your contacts or lose $1000?

Suggested20 Clean Would You Rather Questions

Would you rather eat an entire stick of butter or send an embarrassing email to your entire company?

Would you rather Be stung by a jellyfish or give up Facebook for a week?

Would you rather Never have internet access or be a professional clown?

Would you rather Create a super successful app or go on tour with Beyoncé?

Would you rather not use email for a week or feel hungover for a week?

Would you rather have an iPod fitted in your mind and listen to any music of your choice, anytime or watch your dreams alive on television?

Would you rather give up search engines or social media applications?

Would you rather play Minecraft or Super Mario?

Would you rather have a lifelong free subscription to Apple Music or Spotify?

Would you rather have free internet for life or free food?

Would you rather live without a cell phone or news?

Would you rather have your brain transplanted into a robot or an animal of your choice?

Would you rather have infinite battery life for your cell phone or infinite fuel for your car?

Would you rather burn all your books or buy a Kindle or an eBook reader?

Would you rather surf the internet or shop till you drop?

Would you rather give up your snazzy home theater or your PlayStation?

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