would you rather questions kids

37 Would You Rather Questions for Kids

Would you rather Ride on an elephant or a giraffe?

Would you rather Eat a whole cake or a box of ice cream?

Would you rather Go sledding on a cold day or swimming on a hot day?

Would you rather Be able to fly or be strong as your favorite superhero?

Would you rather Make the table or clean up your toys?

Would you rather Eat a chocolate kiss or a lollipop?

Would you rather Go to the aquarium or the zoo?

Would you rather Play the trumpet or the flute?

Would you rather Ride in a convertible or on the back of a motorcycle?

Would you rather Have a pet goat or a pet chicken?

Would you rather Eat cooked spinach or cooked broccoli?

Would you rather have a cat or a dog?

Would you rather Eat a donut or a cookie?

Would you rather Be a teacher or a doctor?

Would you rather Be a firefighter or a police officer?

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