88 Fun Would You Rather Questions

Best Would You Rather Questions

By Akshay

would you rather questions for girlfriend

15 Would You Rather Questions for Girlfriend

Would you rather watch a horror movie or a satire movie?


Would you rather spend your day with family or friends?


Would you rather spend $10000 in shoes or clothes?


Would you rather spit or swallow?


Would you rather lick or get lick?


Would you rather get your period on the beach or on a date?


Would you rather never have to shave again or never have to deal with cramps?


Would you rather release your diary or a film of your most embarrassing moment?


Would you rather be itchy or sticky for the rest of your life?


Would you rather listen to One Direction or Justin Beiber?


Would you rather give up Instagram or eat the same meal for the rest of your life?


Would you rather be a hopeless romantic OR hopeful unromantic?


Would you rather wear a snowsuit in the desert or be naked in Antarctica?


So, did you like questions shared by us? We guess that you do!

Even though you are free to ask sort of question in a “Would You Rather” game, it is always a good rule of thumb to avoid any question that could hurt someone’s feelings.

We have tried our best to bring up the most reasonable questions; however, it is up to you, to decide which would you rather questions to go after!

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