There are two realities that you can find out in working environments: not everyone is ready to be a leader, and not everyone to be employed. The second thing, however, is very simple, but everyone wants to come to the first.

Managing a team involves meeting the needs of people, physical and emotional. When these priorities are not met, the most often happens that people end up exhausted, hating their job or vulnerable to labor exploitation.

Often we enter into conflict by the thin line between “give the extra” of being manipulated by the boss just to keep our work. Unfortunately are the people who most need the job who are affected by desperation to keep his job.


“How can I know if my boss is exploiting me?”

Signs Your Boss Is Exploiting You

Bad bosses, abuse their position and justified placing the customer ahead, but if you become more observant, you will know to distinguish what their true intentions.


Sudden changes in schedule

Unless if this is marked on your contract, the rotating schedules have no place here. If suddenly you reach your boss ask you to change your schedule, asks to be formally done, and to explain you very well what the justification is.


He didn’t give you a vacation

If you turned a year in the company, it is a legal issue that you can demand your deserved vacation.

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Late payments

The delay of payment it has no justification, but it can be understood if there are special reasons and if it is happening for the first time and if they, of course, explain it, why the earnings will not come on a certain day but for one or two days later. But if this starts to be repeated every month, then it is something you should pay attention and contact the superiors.


Your boss doesn’t pay for overtime

Signs Your Boss Is Exploiting You

The important thing here is to keep a very organized about hours on the weekly basis that you are working so that at the end of the month you can demand fair payment for your time.


You do tasks that don’t correspond with you

This is also a sign of labor abuse. If you’re a trusted employee, it may be assigned to you certain things by the level of experience you have, but this should be temporary. In other words, it should not last more than a week and should be taken off your other activities.

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Your boss doesn’t price your efforts

Everyday you give your best at work, and that what you get at the end of the month as the payment you want to be really well-earned. But despite you give your best, that is not enough appreciated. Others get the credit for all of your ideas and projects that you have completed almost at once.


Assigns you jobs for which you are not qualified

Signs Your Boss Is Exploiting You

Your boss gives you again some serious challenges for which you are not qualified. Beat his expectations that you’ll fail. Never refuse the boss – it is the advice of a business coach. Turn that to your advantage. Consult with experts, ask for help from a colleague you trust and prepare well.


Your boss is talking to you exclusively formal

Yes, s/he is your superior and wants to be placed so, but if you work for a long time for his company and your work positively contributes to the company there is no reason that a good boss does not talk with you sometimes without any formalities as with some friend.


S/he doesn’t ask for your opinion

That this is so humiliating. Your boss is expecting so much from you, but he doesn’t give you the opportunity to express your views and opinions about anything.


When you are in the vicinity, s/he shows negative body language

Working in his company does not obligate you to tolerate or accept the actions of your unpleasant boss. If your boss starts to treat you with disrespect and endanger you physically and mentally it is time to act. On any negative body language, you need to react on time, even at the cost of that to get fired.

When you recognize any of these signs of abuse, you must respond. In one way or another.

It is not about going to fight in the area of human resources, but to know perfectly well what are the terms of your contract is for both of you and the company make things clear and can be prevented any undesirable conflicts.

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