Your Words Can Be Magical To Someone. Here’s How!

Your Words Can Be Magical To Someone. Here’s How!

Words have creative power in them. It can either lift you or it can put you down. Your words can work like magic in someone’s life.

I wonder why people speak badly about others. Why can’t they speak positively?

Many relationships would have been saved; if people talked about the positives.

Instead of talking about each other start talking to each other.

Your Words Can Be Sorcery To Someone. Here's How?

If you find a stranger who looks depressed, go to them and talk to them. Your few words of encouragement might save someone’s life.

When was the last time you told your parent’s you love them? I know you care about them but if you verbalize it would lift up their mood.

You see your girlfriend daily, but do you compliment her daily? Tell her “You are beautiful”, “You are mine” and “You are my world”. Compliment her daily. Compliments are the glue that holds the relationship together. It takes only a minute but you can make someone else’s day better.

Your Words Can Be Sorcery To Someone. Here's How?

There was a girl suffering from polio. She had trouble walking. One day, a senior told this lady that she walks like a princess. Suddenly a lightning struck in her heart as she has never heard this compliment before. She lived her rest of her life in joy and not in disappointment just because of this single compliment. Just one compliment can make a huge change impact in someone’s life.

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So, why can’t you do that? We always nag about our own colleagues. Instead of nagging about someone starts bragging about someone. Start complimenting your friends, relatives, and parents, so that every chain of depression can be broken. Your words can bring change in this world.

Your Words Can Be Sorcery To Someone. Here's How?

Be a difference in this world by your words. Your words can be a healing to someone. Your words can help someone who is in isolation. Your words can change someone’s life. Your words can inspire someone. Your words have anointing power in them. Use them not to discourage people but to encourage people. The joy of making someone’s else day better is unimaginable. This way you are sowing good seed in your heart.

So what’s next? After reading this go outside and meet your colleagues and tell them how much you love them and appreciate them. If you can’t meet then send them a text “You are really proud to have them in your life”.

Our world would have been in a better place if we start complimenting each other. You can make difference in this world.

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A message to the one who is struggling right now

I know you had a sad past. I know you went through the situation when you literally felt to end your life. I know you once had no reason to live for. I know once you had no situation to be happy. Sometimes you had a fight with your own heart and I know it was hard for you to go through this all alone. I know it’s not easy to get over it. I know.

But my dear friend, there might be a great future ahead. You have to make yourself strong to face the upcoming challenges in your life. You’ll have to forget your past, for a better tomorrow, you’ll have to do that. There is a happiness all around the world, only if you seek it. After all, you’ll have to say goodbye so that life can rewards you with new hello.

Your Words Can Be Sorcery To Someone. Here's How?

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