From Zara To Gucci. Where Is Your Name?

From Zara To Gucci. Where Is Your Name?

We live in the era of brand names. We make people look inferior whenever we are wearing branded clothes. From Gucci to Zara & from Nike to H&M Clothes we are bounded by these brand names.

I have a friend who wears everything of Calvin Klien from a t-shirt to Underwear. There is nothing wrong with wearing these branded clothes but don’t let it be the reason you feel good about who you are.

Sometimes we have so many other names on us we don’t know our own name. How ridiculous is that? We are wearing some other name to feel good about ourself.

When was the last time you were proud of your name and not because of the Apple phone that you were holding? When was the last time you feel good about yourself and not because of the Zara clothes that you were wearing? When was the last time you fell in love with yourself and not because of the Rolex watch that was tied around your wrist?

Now, just think for a while… You feel great about yourself by wearing these names on your body. But what about your name? If you want to impress people by wearing these brands, then you’ve already lost your identity. It would be like running on the treadmill. You impress one person, and then there is another one on the horizon to impress next & then there is another. It’s the never ending cycle.

You are living under the constant stress of impressing people. So shake that off and live your own life.

Do whatever you want to do; this is your life.

No disrespect to companies like Nike, Rolex & Zara. But humans have created an atmosphere of inferiority because of them. Gone are the days when we see the person’s heart. It’s all about brand names now, and I’m little worried what our future will hold.

Don’t try to impress people, people are funny, they change. Some people look like an angel in front of your eyes, but they are the devil at your back. And people don’t recognize your value, but God does. So why waste time on impressing people? People don’t determine your destiny, but God does.

The Apple iPhone you bought yesterday will be of no use after five years. The branded clothes that you are wearing right now will be of no use after five years because it will get old.

The only thing which will be in use & which will never get old is your beautiful NAME.

So don’t let your own name fade away by these branded names.

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