5 Reasons To Visit A TEDx Event

5 Reasons To Visit A TEDx Event

If you have never visited a TEDx event, you have seriously missed a golden opportunity to learn something new. TedxCGCMohali is going to be the most amazing educational event that you are ever going to visit. Here you are going to be surrounding by eight speakers, Prof. Dr Swaran Singh – JNU and the most smartest people of Chandigarh.

Not sure what TEDx is and why you shouldn’t just wait for the videos? This may help

5 Reasons To Visit A TEDx Event –



We all need motivation in every aspect of our field. No matter what our aim is, we just need the motivation to accelerate our dreams or aims. TEDx event will be the best option for you. Speakers are coming from America, Australia, and they are all billionaires, they will surely motivate you more than anyone else can. I can assure you your motivation level be at the top of the mountain after this event.

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You will become a confident person

After this event, you will see a change in yourself. You will become a confident person, and your life will never be the same. Your thoughts are shaped by the environment in which you are present, and if you are present in a positive environment, then you will have positive thoughts. Positivity attracts positive, and negativity attracts negative. TEDx event has a positive environment and maybe therefore, you can get an idea that will change your life; it’s all about the environment. Some guys are very talented but lack in self-confidence. TEDx event will help you in building your self-confidence.



Speakers in TEDx event will share their story and inspire you guys. You may feel you can’t achieve your dreams, but the speaker in our event will completely change your thinking because the speaker that are coming are the real definition of success. You will feel good about yourself and feel inspired by this event. We all need inspiration at some point of our life, and this is the best chance to grab the inspiration from the billionaires.


The Presentation

TEDx is not your typical workshop. Speakers at the TEDx events are grouped in blocks of four or five. They deliver rapid-fire presentations, with few visuals, for 8-12 minutes.

Presentation blocks at the TEDx event are separated by 15-minute coffee breaks and an hour lunch period, which provide the maximum amount of time to meet the speakers and network with other smart guys.


You will become smart, get new ideas and a creative person.

TEDx event will help you in learning new ideas, and you can create your own ideas after this event. If you have a very good idea but you don’t know how to make your idea practically possible. You can do so, by attending this TEDx event, your idea will get wings so that your idea can fly.

You will become smart as you are surrounded by the most smartest people in the city.

Now, what are you waiting for? Just register yourself here www.tedxcgcmohali.com and grab your ticket as quickly as possible. It might just change your life, and it’s going to be a mind-blowing experience.

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