Does Your School Performance Predict Your Future?

Does Your School Performance Predict Your Future

Academic performance is often lauded as the most important element of your education, so much that it’s become commonplace to equate it with intelligence. And if you had a penny every time your teachers or parents told you that you need to study more, because you will do better later in life, you would already […]


10 Ways to Overcome Your Negative Emotions

ways to deal with you negative emotions

We have all gone through situations that overcome us, situations that generate in us a sense of impotence that invades us.  But, the important thing is to know how we react to these situations. Do we have the ability to face them in a positive way? Or do we just react negatively? Generally, this type […]


10 Ways To Accidentally Ruin Your Life By 25

ways to ruin the next 25 years of your life

Time flies and you would soon be 50, you realize that? You might have retirement plans but do you think you would have this much energy to live your life then? We people are busy struggling in our life, finding ways to earn money without paying close attention to what we really want to do. […]


25 Things To Do When You Feel Alone and Lonely

how to stop feeling lonely - what to do when you feel lonely

Loneliness is not always chosen. When it begins to annoy or disturb the daily behavior of a person, can be the right time to ask for any help or advice, either an acquaintance, family member or someone expert on the subject. You have to know how to differentiate between being alone and feeling alone. There […]

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