10 Things Every 18 Year Old Should Know

Things every 18 year old should know

At the age 18,  begins an important stage in the life of every young person. At present it is very likely that you have completed your studies in high school and you are starting your college career. Apparently in the blink of an eye you acquire more freedoms and new responsibilities, and are about to […]


7 Things To Remember If You Love Someone With Anxiety

loving someone with anxiety

Anxiety is a thing that annoys both you and your lover equally. It spoils not only your happiness but also your lover’s happiness. It is quite natural for everyone to feel nervous sometimes. But, for those with anxiety, they have it all the time. It is the one negative factor that affects the person and […]


12 Things You Can Do To Feel Better When You are Down

feel better when you are down

Gone are the days when we were little kids who had everything in life and the only reason we used to be sad was because our parents did not let us have the candy or the new pencil box. That time, we hadn’t lost anyone dear to us and there were no “memories” that were […]

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