7 Ways to Keep Your Ego In Check

how to keep your ego in check

We all must be aware of our inner self and should know what both our flaws and flaunts are. When we sit to analyse, the first thing we come across is our ego. It affects our life way more than any other emotion does. And no, it’s not necessarily all bad. Rather it is wrongly […]


Meet Savi Sharma – The Record-Breaking Girl.

savi sharma

Savi Sharma is an ordinary girl who was born in a State known as “Haryana” in India. Soon she became extraordinary with her book “Everyone has a story” and everyone was grooving their head who is this girl who has taken Indian bookstore by storm. Success is woven into the fabrics of Savi’s life. Savi […]


15 Astonishing Tiny Tales From Scrawled Stories

instagram page scrawled stories

Scrawled stories is an Instagram page which posts tiny tales, stories, and quotes regarding life and love. I’m a one sided lover and reading stories from their page make me feel like I’m not alone in this world. There are many guys out there who have felt the pain of one sided love like me. […]


7 Hard Truths About Success You Should Know About

Hard Truths About Success You Should Know About

Success is often a subjective term. For some, success may mean wealth, while for some it could mean a certain social position. My mother, who never cared much about her professional life, always said to me: “I feel extremely successful for involving so much into this family”. That’s when I understood that every one of […]

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