6 Simple Hacks That Will Separate You From The Crowd

Hacks that will make you stand out

We live in a world that follows the path which is being followed by their colleagues. We label that person as a “God-gifted” or an “idiot” if someone chooses their own path. Go down once no one will pick you and if you rise high everyone will fly high to cut your wings. This is the […]


How to Enjoy Your Life When It Goes Not as You Expected

how to enjoy your life

We must let go of the life we have planned,  so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. Joseph Campbell I didn’t plan this—the life I have. It’s supposed to be different. For the last five years, I’ve felt confused and disappointed. I couldn’t believe that the challenges I met in the […]


A Day When She Finally Accepted Me


It is very tough to get love from the moon, star, sun & you. You are the non-living thing for me because you can’t understand my emotions. But I guess human’s emotion can change everything and in my case, my emotions for her was higher than the clouds & stars. They say parallel lines doesn’t […]

love quotes