About Us

We at LifeHacks aim to simplify life.

Lifehacks refers to any tips, tricks, ideas, and hacks that can be implemented to improve one’s productivity, efficiency, or overall lifestyle. The term “Life Hacks,” was coined in the last decade and became incredibly famous in a short period.


Why LifeHacks?

Helping out someone, in whatever way we can, is what we believe in. Even though the brand name “Life Hacks,” restricts our niche to Life Hacking, we’ve decided to outgrow by providing tips, tricks, and help for all walks of life.

The site does not only cover “Life Hacks,” but also includes General Life Tips, Relationships, Health, Lifestyle, Motivational Articles, Money & Work, Tech, and Travel. The list doesn’t end here, and we will try to include more topics as time progresses.


When did it all start?

We launched Lifehacks in January 2015.


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