5 Reasons Why Nobody Laughs at Your Jokes

5 Reasons Why Nobody Laughs at Your Jokes

Laughter is the most powerful medicine for the soul, and it is a fundamental characteristic of a human life. We laugh anytime we perceive something funny, and the lucky ones who live around hilarious people enjoy the privilege to laugh on a daily basis. It is believed that laughter has occurred as a fun way for mothers and babies to communicate before people could speak. Laughing is contagious, and our brains are wired to make us laugh when we hear others laughing. There are many reasons why we laugh, but jokes are the main and strongest reason. We tell all sorts of funny stories to our friends and relatives with only one goal – to make them laugh.

Unfortunately, not every joke we tell meets our expectations and we end up feeling a little embarrassed and very confused. But that doesn’t automatically mean that your sense of humor is lost. Nobody can make every human being on Earth laugh because there will always be someone who will find a needle in the hay. That’s because we are all different and we laugh about different things, just as we have different likes and dislikes. As simple as that. Yet, there are some very common reasons why people who tell hilarious jokes fail to make the listeners laugh.

Why Nobody Laughs at Your Jokes?

Why Nobody Laughs at Your Jokes

Here are the five most common reasons why nobody laughs at your jokes, so next time you tell a joke to be careful not to make any of the following mistakes.


Using the same old jokes

There’s something funny about old jokes, and that’s the reason why they’ve managed to stick around for so long and remained hilarious. Classic jokes never grow old, and they can be great, but you have to use them carefully. People won’t laugh at jokes they’ve probably heard once too often, and they make them groan instead of laugh. However, some jokes are so great you can tweak them a little bit, and they’ll be relevant again. When it comes to comedy, delivery is everything. You can tell the same old joke a hundred times in a hundred different ways because the way the joke is told is what makes it funny.

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Your audience honestly didn’t get your joke

If your audience didn’t get your joke, they were either ignorant, dumb or uninformed. The agonizing silence and awkwardness will make you wish you were invisible or wish you just weren’t in that situation.

You probably believed that it was just fine to crack a joke about rape or death, but what if someone in the audience is hurt, mad or simply offended by your joke? Also, make sure that you don’t tell racially sensitive or sexual jokes because what may seem funny and harmless to you may offend or hurt someone else. There are some things that people take very seriously, so they’re unlikely ever to want to laugh about it.

Your audience changed

Why Nobody Laughs at Your Jokes

So let’s say that you’ve told a joke that was great and perfectly pitched to your target audience and they laughed out loud and gave you all the accolades. However, a few days go by, and you get an angry email. Someone else has read your joke and didn’t find it funny. So, you’re probably wondering what went wrong? Your audience changed. You need to accept the fact that your jokes won’t resonate with absolutely everyone. Wrong audiences can cause some cringe-worthy mistakes and embarrassing moments, so try to be more careful choosing jokes for specific audiences.


You haven’t memorized the joke

Practice makes perfect, so make sure you have the joke memorized and in the correct order. Once you need to double back and interrupt your joke to give the audience some information you forgot to give them initially, the joke’s dead. You need to practice and repeat your jokes out loud to remember them. Being comfortable with your jokes is the key to being funny. If you don’t have a joke sufficiently memorized so that you’re 100% sure you can tell it with confidence, the best thing you can do is to don’t tell it simply.

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They don’t like you

If people didn’t find your joke funny, you need to consider the possibility that you may not be the most likable person in the group. Connecting with the audience is very important, so it is crucial to know what your listeners are interested in. However, if there are people in the group who can’t stand even the sight of you, they will never laugh at your jokes, no matter how funny they are. If being disliked by those around you is the reason why your jokes fail, don’t even bother trying to tell your most hilarious stories and jokes to them.

No matter how many times you failed in telling a joke, there is always room for improvement. If you want to get better at cracking up jokes, you will need to practice the way you tell jokes and remember your jokes well. The more you practice your jokes, your timing, and your stories, the funnier you will be. Of course, the humor comes as second nature to some people, while others need to go the extra mile to make everybody laughing. Just believe in your jokes and in your ability to tell them right, and you’re half way to becoming the star of any gathering.

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