15 Astonishing Tiny Tales From Scrawled Stories

15 Astonishing Tiny Tales From Scrawled Stories

Scrawled stories is an Instagram page which posts tiny tales, stories, and quotes regarding life and love. I’m a one sided lover and reading stories from their page make me feel like I’m not alone in this world. There are many guys out there who have felt the pain of one sided love like me. Just read 1 or 2 tiny tales from this page I promise you, you will fell in love with this page.

Kunal Patel is the founder of this page. Scrawled story page was started one year ago, and this page has kept on growing and growing. At present they have 401k followers on Instagram, but I will not be surprised if they surpass 1 million followers this year.

So hold your breath I present you 15 Astonishing Tiny Tales From Scrawled Stories…
















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