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A Girl From Russia

A Girl From Russia

This article is for that girl whom I have never seen, never touched and never kissed but I still share a bond with her that is even stronger than the diamond. It all started on 9th august, 2015 on a Language Exchange app known as “Hello Talk”. At the start of this, I never realized […]

Life Tips

6 Things To Do When Temptation Knocks Your Door

when temptation knocks the door

The temptation is the desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise. When God created this beautiful earth Adam & Eve were the first human to born on this earth (Bible). And they were also the first one who got tempted by temptation. Most of us get trapped in this bait known as “Temptation”. […]


Meet Sara Gurpal – The Hidden Queen Of Punjab

sara gurpal

If someone is good in acting we call that person as “talented”, if someone is good in acting & singing we call that person as “God-gifted”. But if someone is good in acting, singing, and dancing, we call that person as “Sara Gurpal.” Sara was born in Haryana but she grew up in Chandigarh. Her father is […]