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8 Hacks To Constantly Improve Yourself

8 Hacks To Constantly Improve Yourself

We all have heard the phrase “Nobody is perfect.” But that doesn’t mean we should stop seeking perfection in ourselves. The truth is, we can’t be perfect in every field, and you need to understand this as early as possible. Instead of trying to be perfect in every field, focus on one area and work […]

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6 Simple Tips To Overcome Loneliness

how to overcome loneliness

We can define loneliness as sadness or rejection. Loneliness is excruciating as you have no one to share your feelings with, and what happens throughout the day. But why do we feel lonely? Rejection from your partner (Breakup) is the most common reason for Loneliness today. Not getting good grades, not getting a good job […]

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5 Ways to Help a Stressed-out Friend

5 Ways to Help a Stressed-out Friend

It’s¬†Friendship week and we’d like to wish our readers a Happy Friendship Day. Today, we want to deliver a message that’s a bit different from what we usually do. This friendship week, we want you to help your friend who is in trouble and is seeking your help desperately. Find a friend whose life has […]


LifeHacks Paying Tribute To Chester Bennington

Chester Bennington

Linkin Park won’t be the same. Chester, I don’t know if you will ever read this or not but one thing is sure that when you died half of my body died with you. Today the whole world is in tears & in shock after your death. You made my childhood awesome thank you so […]

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7 Simple Hacks To Start Talking to Strangers with Ease

How to Talk to Strangers with Ease

Don’t wanna read? Watch this 43 seconds video instead.   Conversation defines who we are as a human being. Some conversations can make war, while can some can make peace. Conversation is a chance to establish a new connection or it is a chance to hear a story which you have never heard. We meet […]