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9 Easy Ways To Make A Good First Impression

Make A Good First Impression

You don’t have to be the smartest or the most attractive, or finest to make a mark on the people you get to know. There are women who have all these qualities in a natural way. But, we have those who have to work on some skills to make us memorable. No matter whether it […]

Life Hacks Life Tips

7 Ways to Find Your Passion in 2017

How to find your passion in 2017

We all dream since childhood to devote our time and work on something that really excites us. However, it is very common to find people who obviously work on something that does not move or excite them, which leads them to experience frustration and even to question their purpose in life. What is the purpose […]

Life Tips

8 Steps to Discover Your True Self

How to find your true self

That connecting with our inner self may sound a bit strange and meaningless, but it’s just as real as allowing you to experience a state of peace and harmony that you surely do not feel. Simply connecting with that side of us that has been so forgotten by the constant concern, external factors and third […]

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7 Smart Ways To Cut Down Your Monthly Expenses

cut down the expenses

Certainly among acquaintances, friends, and relatives you can take a few persons who every month, “can hardly wait for 1st”. On the other side, there are some who can not only plan monthly costs but can also come to the aid with a loan. Which group you belong? Cost planning and budget management skills are […]