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5 Ways to Stop Over-thinking Everything in your Life

how to stop over-thinking

There are moments when it is better not to think about anything and to focus your attention on the present and the moments for what you now feel, be it whatever. In this way, you come in contact with them, with what you really are and not what you think you are. When you come […]


When to Give Up on a Relationship

When to Give Up on a Relationship

Everyone was once found themselves in such a relationship. That is the dead end where you, because the love which you feel for him/her prevents you from seeing the real problems. You think that it will be better, s/he will change, but the fact is that people do not change. Even if certain changes occur, […]

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Why Moving On Is The Hardest Thing To Do

why moving on is the hardest thing to do

There are moments in life when we think that it cannot be worse, that there is no solution to our problems, that we cannot bear it anymore … There are many examples of these situations: lose the one we love, losing our job, having financial problems, having someone injured, got sick… We all wanted to […]

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9 Easy Ways To Make A Good First Impression

Make A Good First Impression

You don’t have to be the smartest or the most attractive, or finest to make a mark on the people you get to know. There are women who have all these qualities in a natural way. But, we have those who have to work on some skills to make us memorable. No matter whether it […]