6 Things That Are Going Wrong In Indian Schools

6 Things That Are Going Wrong In Indian Schools

A school is a place when we enter we cry, and when we leave, we cry but with a different emotion. School taught us many things and the habits we learn in our school last with us forever. A school is a magic place where we find our first love, loving teachers, and friends that mean the world to us. And when your schooling is over, you step into the Industrial world and realize marks you obtained in school would not give you any job. But what matter is how much practical knowledge you are having.


Here are six things that are going wrong in Indian schools –

things that are going wrong in Indian schools

Focusing On Theory Rather Than Practicals

The weight of the 11th and 12th std books is too much that some students can’t even bear that! By this, you can imagine how much theory an Indian student is made to learn it’s beyond description. From the start of schooling level, we have just learned theory.

Indian school always focus on theory, practical classes is just a time pass. But when we go out into the world of strangers we realize that practical knowledge is more important than theory.


Judging Students According To Their Marks

He is a topper she is a topper; they all are bright star of school and future of the nation, but what about the backbenchers? In Indian school, the student scoring fewer marks are always mistreated, and they judge student intelligence according to their marks.

Back Benchers are again and again reminded that they couldn’t be successful as they are not scoring good marks. In the real world, it’s not like that! This needs to be stopped.


Excelling Only In Academics

Things That Are Going Very Wrong In Indian School

Indian School only focuses on Academics because if their student got good marks in the board exams then the name of their school will be high, so, their primary focus is only on Academics.

There are no sports period or any music period after 8th class. If the student is good in any sport, his career will get ruined by school academic pressure or by the thinking of parents.

Seeing school kids wearing specs is no surprise to me as our schools only focus on academics and sports is just a word.


Forcefully Make Them Study

“Note down this homework if you won’t do it you will get punished.” These types of phrases are still going in many Schools. Teacher beat kids and forcefully make them study.

It may not happen all over India, but still, this practice is going in many parts of India. There is always one or two teacher whom we all fear and their classes feels like you’re the character in horror film.


No Sex Education

When we heard word Sex in school, we all laugh! Admit that! But it’s a serious issue; we should have sex education in our schools. There is so much misconception regarding sex in the mind of a student we need to solve that. There should be a separate class and the teacher should teach this subject in a friendly manner.


Difference Between Private And Government School

In foreign, every school study is equal there is no differentiation. There are no boards like CBSE, ICSE and State Board there is only one board in foreign.

But in India, there is a big difference between private school and government school. In private school, the fees are high, and quality of faculty is better than a government school. Private school students are well dressed and know how to behave in society.

In a government school, the level of study is very low as compared to private school. In my opinion, there should be only one type of school, and in those school “education and quality” should be the same all over India.


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