LifeHacks Paying Tribute To Chester Bennington

LifeHacks Paying Tribute To Chester Bennington

Linkin Park won’t be the same. Chester, I don’t know if you will ever read this or not but one thing is sure that when you died half of my body died with you.

Today the whole world is in tears & in shock after your death. You made my childhood awesome thank you so much for that. As I was reading the news about your death my eyes were getting red as someone has put salt in them.

My friends told me not to get much emotional as it’s just a band. I replied, “it’s not just a band” for me.

I was naive during school days, your songs gave meaning to my meaningless life. What I’ve done was the first single of Linkin park heard by me. And it was the love at first sight.

Then I listened to Hybrid Theory & Meteora and become a diehard fan of them. I was famous in school due to them as I was crazy about them.

I still remember countless assignments I have done by listening to his voice through my headphones.

Your voice was not just a music blaring through my earphones but it was much like a soothing voice that gives way to the pain in my heart.

Chester Bennington Suicide

I will not be able to hear Chester scream anymore. Let that sink in for a moment. My dream was to see them live someday but sadly this dream will remain as a dream now.

I don’t know which depression you were going through but your music is still alive and it will be for eternity. Last night, I realized how many people you have touched when they were pouring tributes towards you. That’s the power of an artist. Even if you are dead you are still connected to everyone.

The guy who sang so many songs which hold a permanent spot in our playlist is no more. From many years Bennington’s lyrics have helped me to cope up with my own battles, sense of alienation, and struggles. Born in Arizona in 1976, Bennington had a troubled childhood and teenage life. He was sexually abused for years by a friend, bullied, and struggled with drug addiction and suicidal thoughts.

Linkin Park were the ones who showed me I wasn’t alone with what I was struggling with. I can honestly say I may not have made it out of my teens if not for them.

Now I will understand the meaning of song “Heavy” more clearly after your death. The life of an artist is very difficult, as your own fans were against you after your new album. But you should not have “Given Up” as you were “One Step Closer”. You taught me that even being Numb is more than fine.

Your music is safe as you have built one room and whenever I will get tired of this world I will go back to that room.

Chester, I hope you are fine wherever you are. But you will be badly missed by this world. And you will stay in our hearts forever.

From the fan whose love wasn’t enough to save you.


And most importantly, if you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts or is in depression. Please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline. They are available 24*7.

If you are in Depression than talk and share your problem with anyone. Even sometimes stranger on the street comes with the best solution.

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