5 Reasons You Wake Up Tired Every Morning

5 Reasons You Wake Up Tired Every Morning

Waking up refreshed is essential for a great start of the day. Even though you had full night’s sleep, you are not able to wake up completely refreshed. But why? You already had six-plus hours of sleep, but still, have trouble getting things started. Well, there’s nothing much to worry! You are not sick; it is just a common problem we all face. Here are five things that might be causing you sleep groggy.


1# Poor Sleep Quality

Reasons You Wake Up Tired Every Morning
It doesn’t matter if you have slept for 6 or 10 long hours if it was of poor quality. The human brain can function optimally even with 2 hours of quality sleep. Many things can cause poor sleep. However, most common reasons are – stress, sleeping in an uncomfortable place, sleeping with pets, or background noise. If this happens regularly, try to eliminate them from your life.

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2# Body Clock is not in Sync

Do you know? There’s a clock running inside our body that tells us what to do at what time. If you have been waking up at ten regularly, your body will take that time as your “Wake Up time,” and if you happen to wake up earlier than that, you will have dizziness for a while. Make a schedule and stick to it, you will see a difference in how you feel in the morning.


3# Waking up in the wrong phase

Reasons You Wake Up Tired Every Morning
You do not complete you sleep in one go. Your sleep in split into multiple cycles of 90 mins, known as REM phase. REM is a state of profound sleep, and if you happen to wake up during a non-REM period, you will have a terrible time getting the morning started. Try waking up during REM phase as you will be much more prepared to wake up.


4# You were thinking too much

A fight with your BF/GF, an issue with your boss or an argument with your parents. If you happen to overthink about any matter before going to bed, you will have a tough time getting proper sleep. Even if you happen to stop thinking about them, there are certain times that the thinking process will still be going on in your subconscious mind which will ultimately result in an inadequate sleep and dull mornings. Think only to the extent that’s acceptable!

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5# Medication hangover

Reasons You Wake Up Tired Every Morning
A drug hangover can also cause morning dizziness. Some medicines don’t go well with everybody if you had consumed a dose last night, most probably the medicine is to be blamed for ruining your morning. Also, do not forget to check with your doctor if you can adjust the dosage or change the medication.


These were some of the most common reasons why you might be waking up tired every morning. However, these are not the “only” reasons. There can be more, and it depends on your situation. We recommend you going to a doctor if the problem persists.

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