2121 Angel Number

Have you been checking the time recently to notice that it is exactly 21:21? Perhaps you’ve seen a licence plate with the number 2121 in it or checked a receipt to find the barcode number ends in 2121. No matter what you do or where you go, it feels like this number 2121 is following… Continue reading 2121 Angel Number

6666 Angel Number

Angel numbers are repetitions and sequences of numbers used by your angels to communicate with you, guide you, or affirm something. Either way, they are always placed with purpose, pure intention, and a pure desire from your angels to support you! Ultimately are here to help guide you to get closer to god, yourself, and… Continue reading 6666 Angel Number

8888 Angel Number

Most people have a lucky number. Perhaps great things tend to happen on the 21st day of the month, or raffle tickets with the number 30 in always win you a prize. It is common to make a wish when the clock shows 11:11 because the number has a certain magical quality to it; its… Continue reading 8888 Angel Number

0000 Angel Number

Seeing certain numbers in patterns and repetitive can have us wonder what are our Angels, guardian angels, archangels and the ascended masters telling you? They’re like your personal cheerleading squad! The numbers your angels leave can also be warnings and investigate the different parts of your life. What you’re going through in your life currently… Continue reading 0000 Angel Number

414 Angel Number

What does it mean when you see this number 414 repeatedly on your phone screen or in your surroundings. Some say the angels are speaking to you and your are receiving higher guidance from the universe. Let us take a look at the numerology of 414. Numbers are ancient significators of our time. They each… Continue reading 414 Angel Number

9999 Angel Number

The Angel number 9999 meaning indicates that a big shift of energies is going to come in your life, according to your angels. If you constantly see the number 9999 on bills, telephone numbers, or posters, your guardian angels are attempting to grab your attention. What Does The 9999 Angel Number Mean?  When you see… Continue reading 9999 Angel Number

1313 Angel Number

Do you have a feeling that everywhere you go, the number 1313 just appears out of nowhere?  Our spiritual guides have different ways to tell us something and sending the signals in form of a number is one of them. So, if you are constantly seeing the number 1313 in documents, on your bills, and… Continue reading 1313 Angel Number

3333 Angel Number

We all have had those experiences where numbers like 1111 1212 3333 show up and follow you most of our lives…I will be talking about what 3333 means spiritually, in love and relationships, twin-flame in career, and the reasons why you’re seeing the number 3333. Being the Astrology nerd that I am. The angel number… Continue reading 3333 Angel Number

4444 Angel Number

Although very rare, you might see 4444 or some combination, like 44+44, 4 444, or 44:44, appearing in different places, in addresses, receipts, license plates, movies or news, lottery tickets, prices at the store, passwords, PINs, work assignments… The world is telling you something, announcing a new chapter in your life. But what is the… Continue reading 4444 Angel Number

5555 Angel Number

Many times in the routine of life, we forget that the angels are there to help us and guide us in an extraordinary way. We get so distracted that they use numbers to send us their beautiful signals. If you have seen the number 5555 and want to know what it’s wonderful message means, this… Continue reading 5555 Angel Number