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20 Inspirational and Motivating Quotes by Andy Frisella

Andy Frisella Quotes

Andy Frisella is the name you should be looking for whenever you are in need of some motivation. Andy Frisella is a very popular name on Instagram because of his extremely motivation posts. But who is Andy Frisella? Andy Frisella is the CEO of Alpine Sports Products, 1st Phorm International, Alpine Sports Products, and few […]


8 Reasons You Should get a Pixie Haircut

pixie hairstyle

The latest hair trends are recommending short “pixie” hairstyle with careless bangs. Rihanna, Keira Knightley, Michelle Obama … are just some of the stars who gone mad about this absolute hit of the season. This practical hairstyle is suitable for all types of faces and by combining hair length, you can express the proper shape […]

Student Life

How to Craft Your Best College Essay

craft your best college essay

You must do an essay and you do not know where to start? If you must write an essay there are certain requirements that you should consider to make it clear in regard to the formal aspect of writing. Although there is no predetermined structure, the author generally divides it into three parts: introduction, body […]

Student Life

How to Write a Good Research Paper

how to write a good research paper

As we move from school level to university and then to higher studies, we are expected to write long papers and gradually what matters is your research paper, more than anything. Some people might be well versed in their spoken skills and practically than in writing long papers. Now, for those who are less habitual […]