50 Libra Facts

The zodiac sign of Libra, which falls between 23 September and 22 October, is well known as the most charming and diplomatic sign with a slight tendency towards indecisiveness. 

But there is a lot more to Libra than simply smiling, dithering, and keeping the peace so let’s dive on in and find out 50 facts about Libra (the October Zodiac) that make them truly unique.


50 Interesting Libra Facts


They are balanced – as the only zodiac sign ruled by an inanimate object, the scales of justice, they understand that balance in all things is crucial and so they strive to achieve and maintain their own equilibrium and inner harmony.


They are refined – they are usually horrified by uncouth behaviour and would recoil in disgust at tacky, loud or overly crude displays (you won’t catch a Libra doing moonies at the back of the bus).


They are charming – they are highly personable and have great communication skills so are usually well liked and popular with others. They also like to gossip, although they try not to.


They are flirtatious – they flirt with everyone, young, old, same-sex, opposite sex, animal, beast, you name it. They are born to flirt and will flutter their eyelashes at all and sundry.


They are color-coordinated – you won’t find many Libras in ill-matched outfits or any colours clashing in their homes either. They are experts at picking colours that go together.


They are fashionistas – a Cardinal sign, they love to be at the forefront of the latest fashion trends and they always look stylish and well put together. You won’t see many Libra scruffs loafing around.


They love interior design – their homes are usually impeccably designed with contrasting colour schemes, tasteful textures and flowing fabrics. Even if they don’t have much spare cash, they will manage to make their place look good somehow with tasteful mood lighting, well-placed injections of colour, and elegant soft furnishings.


They are prim and proper – they dislike outlandish or garish displays of emotion, behaviour or feelings and usually behave with the utmost decorum and restraint.


They smell good – they are well groomed and have good standards of personal hygiene.


They are wise – they listen to all sides and consider all angles, making them just and fair in their approach. They also hate injustice of any kind.


They are often unlucky in love – they may have lessons to learn about not sacrificing their own needs or overlooking red flags at the beginning of relationships. They also sometimes stay too long in relationships that have expired their sell by date.


They are inspiring and independent – as a cardinal sign, they are go-getters and love a challenge. They lead by example and want others to look up to them.


They are giving and caring – they are more than willing to go the extra mile to please others and love to be needed.


They are diplomatic – they don’t blurt out things without thinking, preferring to use persuasion, tact and negotiation and to think carefully before speaking. They are also useful mediators and love getting involved in a thorny issue and trying to resolve it.


They are excellent negotiators – they make great salespeople, customer service advisors or public relations gurus as they can gain people’s trust and attention quickly.


They like to spoil their partners – nothing makes a libra happier than making their partner happy so get yourself a Libra if you want to feel cherished from top to toe.


They do what’s right – with Saturn exalted in Libra, they have deep respect for doing what is fair, just and responsible so a Libra will seldom do you wrong.


They are homebodies – their home is probably luxurious and super-comfortable and they love spending time there relaxing and planning their next move. Their abode is rarely messy if you drop round unannounced as they can’t stand mess (they think it reflects their mind).


They make good leaders – as a cardinal sign they are capable of taking the helm of the ship and steering it safely and responsibly.


They are loyal – they will treat you how they want to be treated and won’t risk your friendship or relationship with anything frivolous.


They are easygoing – they usually just want to please you so will be happy to go along with your wishes the majority of the time.


They love to be in love – for a Libra, love is everything and they love to have someone special to focus on, spoil and attend to and they will happily make you the centre of their whole world.


They are artistic and creative – they can often paint, sing, dance, sew or play an instrument and they love to start new projects and hobbies.


They are sincere – they are fair and just so they will usually be authentic and genuine and do not wear a false mask. However, they can try so hard to please and fit in that they lose themselves and give away their own power.


They are persuasive – they can use their charm and negotiation skills to get what they want and will even make you think it was your idea!


They can be fickle and flighty – because they often change their mind or see a better option. They tend to start new things and then struggle to finish them.


They sometimes have to learn to look after themselves too – they may need to establish boundaries sometimes to enable them to practice self-care.


They are indecisive – yes, no, maybe – yep they flip flop about back and forth and really don’t want to pick one thing sometimes because they can see the pros and cons of all the options and all sides of the situation. They like to take their time which can be ages!


They often have dimples – they always look good anyway and have that appealing kind of look that endears them to others.


They are graceful – not usually clumsy or bumbling, they usually move with grace and elegance, like a swan.


They are ambitious – they have their sights set on the stars and don’t mind striving to get there.


They love a good debate – they love having a friendly argument and even playing devil’s advocate to make it even more interesting.


They can be lazy – oh yes, especially if they have recently exerted a lot of effort and exhausted themselves as they will need to recoup their energy. They can also be known to procrastinate, for hours on end.


They are always thinking – they think constantly and have considerable trouble shutting it down. They also need constant stimulation and mental stimulus and can multi-task with ease.


They don’t like conflict – sometimes they will even do anything to avoid it, like sweeping issues under the rug for later or pretending they didn’t see something.


They prefer to work alone, or in partnership with one or two others – they dislike large groups where too many views need to be taken into account and multiple voices heard.


They are friendly and sociable – they love gatherings and get togethers and having fun.


They have excellent taste – they don’t do garish, chavvy or outlandish and their style is usually bang on trend or timelessly classic.


They are usually attractive – with fine and pleasing features and good bones. They smile a lot.


They love history and antiques.


They have excellent hosting skills – get yourself an invite to a Libra’s comfy abode and you’ll be in for a treat as they love hosting and will pull out all the stops to impress their guests.


They can be vain and even superficial – sometimes they might act more interested than they really are or let vanity creep in.


They like to cooperate – they are usually amenable and good natured and willing to compromise and do their part in making things work.


They love to daydream – as an air sign, they will often drift off into their own world for a bit.


They are polite and well mannered – dating a Libra? Well, you can certainly take your Libra to meet your parents without any worries as their manners are probably impeccable and their charm will ensure there are no awkward silences either (but watch out cos they might flirt with your Dad).


They appreciate beauty – ruled by Venus, they appreciate a sensational sunset, a delicate summer flower or a stunning night sky and this inspires them and reminds them of the wonder of the world we live in.


They are clever – their big air sign brain soaks up information like a sponge and they are usually bright, well informed and quick thinking.


They are honest – they don’t tend to like liars much and are usually honest and steadfast.


They are positive – they are usually well rounded, upbeat and dynamic and know the importance of keeping their vibration high to attract success.


They sometimes struggle to say no – they may have to learn boundaries and how to take care of themselves too. And with the Sun in Fall here, they might even lack confidence sometimes or fail to see just how brightly their light shines!


So, there you have all the facts about libras! Does this sound like the Libra you know? 

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By Tracey Copeland

Tracey Copeland is an Astrologer and freelance writer who lives in the UK. Like many people, she carried out a life review in 2020 during the covid pandemic and decided to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming an Astrologer and developing her spiritual gifts. She undertook several courses to enhance her 30 years’ interest and jumped headfirst into following her passion. Tracey now writes spirituality content and also offers consultations, energy updates, and tarot readings through her small Astro consultancy business, Galactic Gem.