777 Angel Number

777 Angel Number Meaning

What does 777 mean?

Does the number 777 keep appearing in your life? Do you feel as though this number might have a significant meaning to you? Chances are, that if you have decided to look up what this number means, then the angels are guiding you in the right direction. They want to tell you now that spirit is flowing into your life, and this is your reminder to stay open to any signs or guidance that you may receive in the coming days.

Meaning of Angel Number 777

The number 777 represents a spiritual awakening and an influx of new energies entering your life. The number 7 alone is often associated with the seventh chakra – the crown chakra. This chakra is located at the top of your head, right in the centre. It is this place where spiritual energy can enter the body in a concentrated way. This concentration of energy can feel different for everyone. For some, it may feel like a stream of energy flowing down the spine, for others, it may be a more gentle waterfall sensation of energy flowing down and around the body. Spiritual energy is always around us and within us, so when you see the number 777 you can be assured that the angels are supporting you to connect with this divine spiritual energy.

777 spiritual meaning and significance

The spiritual meaning of 777 is related to spirit itself. Spirit is the energy that brings life to all beings on this earth, it is also the energy that surrounds us. When we trust spirit, we are trusting in life itself. This is what 777 is trying to tell you. Trust, as spirit has always got your back! It is a significant number as it is coming to you directly from the divine communication channels of your angel and spirit guide team. When you are connected to this team, messages may start arriving more frequently, especially as 777 is the indicator that this spiritual guidance is already flowing through you.

777 Angel Number Symbolism

Like all repeating numbers, the triple power of a 777 is amplified in its effect. It brings with it great waves of change. Triple numbers are always stronger than single numbers alone, so 777 invites stronger change and new ideas into your life now. The triple effect also reinforces that this is no coincidence, but rather a synchronicity. The angels often use triple numbers so that their messages will not be dismissed. Allow the amplified energy of spirit into your life, for the angels are using this number to guide you onto a path of higher consciousness.

Why do you keep seeing angel number 777?

When this number keeps appearing in your life, you are ready for a spiritual upgrade. Think awakening, realignment, and making space for new energy in your life. This could be a sign that it is a good time to clear out some of your old belongings and give away what no longer serves you on your path to a higher vibration. You may also feel like it is time to clear out old ways of thinking, old relationships and old habits so that you can bring fresh energy and inspiration into these aspects of your life. If you don’t do this clearing consciously, you can rest assured that spirit will come into your life and do these clearings for you. The number 777 is the warning that change is about to occur because spirit has some new plans for you! With spiritual awakenings and upgrades, the energy can be quite strong and aggressive, tearing your life structures apart. But, when this happens, you must remember that it is spirit who is guiding you toward a higher path, one of love and blessings.

777 Angel Number in Twin Flame Reunion

If you see 777 in regards to a twin flame reunion. You can know that this reunion has occurred across many lifetimes. 777 is the crown chakras meeting, the spirit and souls of both of you connecting. This number indicates that it is not about the physical bodies in this lifetime, it is more about the soul lessons that will be learnt in this reunion. As you reunite, there is a high chance that spiritual awakenings and upgrades are about to occur. You have arrived together at this time to support one another through this new life phase that is about to begin.

777 Angel Number in Twin Flame Separation

If you see 777 in twin flame separation, then spirit is guiding you and your twin flame apart for no other reason, than that there is a higher plan for both of you. Spiritual awakenings can often feel like spiritual deaths as you leave behind old friends, lovers, habits and ways of thinking. These old aspects of yourself need to fall away so that the new and energised version of you can start to shine through! Trust that you are supported in this process of separation and remember that spirit does everything from a place of unconditional love.

777 Numerology

Seven is found in many religions, spiritual ideologies, and even nature. For example, there are seven colours of the rainbow, seven chakras, seven days of the week, seven seas… the list could go on. But the idea is that seven is a well rounded number, a collective of things that create a whole. This number allows groups to come together and create magic. This can be seen in the colours of the rainbow, for when they are spun at a high speed, the seven colours merge together and create one single colour of white. Seeing 777 is about seeing beyond the seen, challenging life as you know it, and creating new ways to move forward.

777 Tarot Meaning

The seventh tarot card is The Chariot – the young magician that changes and transforms on his lifetime quest. As he rides his chariot, the old phases of his life fall away, and every step forward creates a new and exciting version of himself. He is also allowing the chariot to take him on his journey – just like these numbers are reminding you to allow spirit to take you on your journey!

777 Angel Number in Money & Career

When you see the number 777 in relation to your money and career questions, spirit is telling you that you are ready to upgrade and improve your current situation. 777 is the message that the awakening to higher consciousness is already unfolding in your life. With every energetic upgrade, the old paradigms fall away and there is space for the new. Watch out for new offers and job opportunities after seeing this number, they could be the hints to where you must look for these energetic upgrades.

777 Angel Number in Pregnancy

If you see the number 777 in regards to questions or thoughts about pregnancy, it can mean that spirit is bringing new energy into your life in the form of a new soul such as a baby. This could mean that a pregnancy is likely, if it is of the highest good and purpose in your life in this moment. Spirit always guides you to what your soul lesson is at the moment. If your soul lesson is to become a parent, then you will feel this in your body. If you feel too many doubts about becoming pregnant or a parent at this time, then seeing 777 could be a confirmation to you that your feelings are valid and should not be ignored. Spirit will not bring you a baby if you are not ready and aligned with the shift that a baby will bring.

777 Angel Number in Love & Relationship

Seeing 777 in love or relationship means that an energetic upgrade and higher awakening is about to unfold in your relationship, or perhaps in all of your relationships. Love is the essence of the soul, and when 777 comes into your life, it is to remind you that being in relationship with another is a lesson of learning to love. The more you are open to learning and expanding through love, the easier it will be for this upgrade to occur.

Why do some people fear 777?

Sometimes 777 can feel like endings, and it is difficult when the energy of 777 arrives, as it often creates waves of change. Change is sometimes feared as it means breaking old patterns and letting go of the comfortability of what you know. Be bold and brave to step out of your patterns and trust the unfolding in your life that is aligning you with a higher and more purposeful meaning at this time. The angels always deliver their messages with love, so there is never a need to fear their numbers and messages.


To awaken to higher consciousness is to embrace and embody the 777 energy. Try to stay open to the challenges that will unfold when this number appears because these will allow you to receive the divine blessings that arrive when change knocks on your door. 

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By Chelsea S

Chelsea is a yoga teacher and intuitive healer who runs regular workshops and events online to help people to connect with their Higher-Self. Working with crystals, angel cards, and intuitive guidance, Chelsea brings the wisdom of the spiritual realm down here onto the earth. For we are all just spiritual beings, having a human experience. To find out more about Chelsea’s workshops, you can find her on Instagram: @thirdbird.holistichealth