Gatka – The Risky And Hidden Talent Of Punjab

Gatka – The Risky And Hidden Talent Of Punjab

If you have ever visited Punjab, you may have seen guys doing some amazing things with swords, shields, and sticks. It gives you so much of goosebumps when they are doing this kind of stuff with some deadly weapons. Gatka is very much popular in Punjab. Some people have managed to take it to a whole new level. Now modern Sikhs of this era perform Gatka at international level too. I have seen Sikh guys performing Gatka in talent shows of Great Britain, Slovakia, and America. Attracting the world and making their face pale while they are doing some tremendous stuff.


You may think why do they do this kind of thing and why they risk their life in doing this. Firstly, let me tell you how Gatka was invented. In 16th Century Guru Angad Dev, taught followers to train the body physically, mentally and spiritually, encouraging the practice of martial arts. One of Guru Nanak’s early disciples, Baba Buddha, taught the boy who would eventually become the sixth Sikh patriarch, Guru Hargobind. Guru Gobind was the real catalyst behind the Gatka. Guru Hargobind formed a Sikh fighting school with its armed force known as the Akal Sena or “immortal army.” And Guru Gobind galvanized the martial energies of the Sikh community by founding the Khalsa brotherhood. And this community later fought against the Mughals and defeated them.

It is said that at that moment during Mughal fights “1 Sikh was equivalent to 1.25 Lakhs Mughal”. Sikhs are the real Powerhouse of energy and they are also known “Lions Of Punjab”.

The best part of Gatka is that female Sikh can also learn this there is no restriction to them. Female can learn Gatka too, as it can be used for “Self Defence.” It can protect them from any Social Harassment. Moreover, Gatka can only be used as Defence. One can never use it to attack, it can only be used to defense.

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If Sikhs are performing Gatka or they are learning Gatka, then they are free from any kind of drug or alcoholic stuff. So, it helps them live a better life and they are very much spiritually contacted with God. Gatka aims were to fight oppression, assist the poor, worship the one God, abandon superstition and defend the freedom of faiths. Those who learn Gatka they meditate every day so they can get inner peace.

Cheers to all the Sikh who are still learning Gatka from their ancestor and performing at World Stage. Take a bow to them who are not vanishing there culture in this fast moving world.

Now, there is some wrong perception regarding Gatka. People thinks that Sikh do Gatka to attract an audience or in simple language, you can say that they use Gatka as “Gimmick.” People think they do a lot of stunts just for publicity so that audience can recognize them. Let me tell you one think Gatka is not for publicity and things you see in Gatka is not the stunt they are just showcasing us how to defense when someone attacks you.

Trust me, Gatka is so joy to watch it’s really jaw-dropping. When I was watching Gatka for the first time I couldn’t watch till the end. Sikhs who perform Gatka are really talented and Superhouse of Energy it takes years of practice to perform Gatka. We can’t learn Gatka in one day. It takes years of sweat, energy and sleepless nights to learn Gatka and to perform that exceptionally well.

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