Happy Birthday to Us! We’re 2 Years Old

Happy Birthday to Us! We’re 2 Years Old

Happy Birthday to LifeHacks. We’re 2 Years Old today.

Started as yet another random productivity and self-improvement blog on the internet by a high school dropout, LifeHacks is now a well-established brand. We still have long, long, long way to go. We’ve completed just twenty percent of the journey.


LifeHacks changed my life.

Life Changed. Period. LifeHacks is no longer the site it was two years back (In a good way!) neither am I. When I started the site back in January 2015, I didn’t know shit about LifeHacking and Self-Improvement but considering my age back then, it was acceptable. After all, what could you expect from a 17-yr old guy, who didn’t ever tried getting into the real world?

But I tried. I tried, and it was successful. Even though I don’t write articles now, I have a lot more knowledge than I once had (Still have so muchhhh to learn!). I would try my best, to publish at least one solid advice every month.


How did LifeHacks look in 2015?

Thanks to archive.org, we have a screenshot to share with you. ūüôā

This is how it looked. The site wasn’t updated for a month, after its initial launch.

How to stop giving a shit about what people think. This article was the biggest motivation for me. It helped me write whatever I had in my mind. My articles were later picked up by major magazines which boosted my confidence.


Ever wondered why LifeHacks has No Comment section?

Well, I turned off comments way back in 2015, as my 17-year old¬†self was never able to take negative comments positively. Having posts with zero negative feedback helped me write more and better. I DON’T KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE LIKED IT.

Comments are still off, as dealing with hundreds of SPAM comments is a waste of my time. Feedbacks and Questions are directly answered through the contact form.

I’ve tried answering some of the most-asked questions below…


What’s the biggest achievement till date?

Getting featured on numerous sites, and attracting 70K eyeballs in a day (Yup, your fav artist gets that many views in few mins)! Hope we achieve something even more interesting this year.


What’s the biggest mistake we made?

Not focusing on social media. We will focus on it, this year.


Why doesn’t LifeHacks censor abusive words?

Since its a site run and read by young blood, we don’t give a FUCK! See, would it make a difference if I wrote F#CK instead of the correct spelling? Everyone has heard it; everyone has used it. So, we don’t care.


Will we go ad-free?

Yes. But not until we can afford to make that move.


Why are there some unrelated content on the site?

It generates Revenue, which helps us produce even better contents.


What’s next for LifeHacks?

Expect a year full of amazing contents. Bigger plans will be made public later.


Lastly, I would like to thank everyone (Especially the Mediavine team) who has helped us get to where we are today. Feel free to start a conversation here.

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Akshay is 21 Yr Old Life Hacker, Internet Entrepreneur, SEO Strategist and The Founder of LifeHacks.

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