Aquarius Woman Traits

So, you’ve found yourself dazed by the enchanting ways of an Aquarius woman? She’s unique, opinionated, incredibly open-minded, and different. She’s born between January 20th and February 18th and ruled by Uranus. In this article, we will discuss her cunning, progressive, and analytical ways and how you can impress her enough to make her yours.… Continue reading Aquarius Woman Traits

Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility

Together, these two are masters of manifestation. Once Aquarians drop their fixed attitudes, they are natural alchemists, able to create with their inventive genius. Pisces, with their more fluid and open-minded nature, are able to help them become less fixed and free up their wild creative potential. Like water softening and creating a moist ground,… Continue reading Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius Man Traits

An Introduction to Aquarius Men Want to understand the inner workings of an Aquarius man? Can’t seem to penetrate through  his aloof demeanour? Below we will go over all you need to know about Aquarius men. First, let’s go over the must-know of the zodiac sign Aquarius.  Those represented by the constellation of Aquarius are… Continue reading Aquarius Man Traits

Aquarius and Sagittarius Compatibility

In today’s article, we have very complementary compatibility between the signs – we are talking about Aquarius x Sagittarius coupling, of course.  Sagittarius is the 9th sign of the Zodiac, presiding over the 9th house of higher education, wisdom, travel, philosophy, religion and freedom; its ruler is lucky Jupiter, its element is Fire and its… Continue reading Aquarius and Sagittarius Compatibility

Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility

In today’s article, we are going to examine Aqua and Aqua compatibility.  Aquarius is Uranus’ child, it resides over the 11th house of higher goals, dreams and ambitions, but also it represents friendships, noble ideals, teamwork and freedom of thinking. Its element is Air, its modality fixed and it’s co-ruled by stern Saturn.  No one… Continue reading Aquarius and Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius and Capricorn: Can They Make It Work?

In today’s article, we are going to go over the Aquarius and Capricorn compatibility on all levels and with all scores.  These two signs definitely feel akin due to the shared ruler/co-ruler – Saturn. Capricorn is the 10th Zodiac sign in charge of the 10th house, also known as MC (midheaven), and it’s ruled by… Continue reading Aquarius and Capricorn: Can They Make It Work?

Can Aquarius and Taurus Work Together?

In today’s article, we are going to cover Aquarius and Taurus compatibility: from friendship, over relationship and marriage to emotional compatibility.  This article is by no means a rule to compatibility between Aquarius and Taurus Sun signs, it’s rather an occurrence that often happens, we all know that for a proper and in-depth synastry you… Continue reading Can Aquarius and Taurus Work Together?