Aquarius Woman Traits

So, you’ve found yourself dazed by the enchanting ways of an Aquarius woman? She’s unique, opinionated, incredibly open-minded, and different. She’s born between January 20th and February 18th and ruled by Uranus. In this article, we will discuss her cunning, progressive, and analytical ways and how you can impress her enough to make her yours.

Astrology is a topic that goes deeper than most suspect it does. Most typically know their Sun sign and that’s about it, but astrology has many components that make us up as people and the world around us. Astrology uses the day of your birth, time, and location to help create a chart of planets and how they will affect you—along with your life, what you’re like, and what you’ve gone through. Not every Sun sign is the same due to this, but we can get a general idea through the base traits and characteristics of the Sun signs.

The sign of Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus which is the planet of change, unexpected, innovation, modern science, and the unconventional. In Greek mythology, Uranus was the god of the universe and was a sky god—he was the personification of heaven. Aquarius women share characteristics of Uranus, they are unconventional, into eccentric and modern things, along with the ability to be super innovative. Aquarius women can find luck with the numbers 1 and 7 and their birthstone Amethyst. Amethyst helps with opening the third eye—gives them the gift of foresight, and faithfulness.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s delve into the uniqueness of an Aquarius woman and what makes her so different.

The Aquarius Woman’s Personality

Aquarius women are known for their friendliness and valuing their friends immensely. They are eccentric women, with knowledge of multiple things, open-minded ways of thinking and being, along with an interest in the future.

She is unorthodox, original, and quite wacky. You can easily pinpoint an Aquarius woman, they are almost like aliens and usually have an incredible sense of fashion—they tend to be the most outwardly themselves. They like to be unique to the point it could become an individuality complex where they must be seen as different. She will like it if you call her weird or point out something that is different about her from the rest— especially her mind since it’s a unique place to be.

An Aquarius woman is an intellectual, she has liberal and progressive thoughts, but is fixed in her opinion—she’s stubborn, her opinionated nature makes her great in debates. She’s an unconventionally woman, always valuing the strange aspects of life, she is an humanitarian. She isn’t the kind to compromise and doesn’t give up her unique habits easily. She is avant-garde with a strong set of ideas and opinions. She likes to discover new things and can be a genius in some aspects; always finding a new way of doing, thinking, or being.

She hates boredom, but values being alone. She is friendly and outgoing but enjoys her own time incubating in her own space. She’s scientific yet artistic, bringing a paradoxical approach to anything and everything. She enjoys the confines of her mind and is also a great communicator—she’s an Air sign and could be quite aloof, she’s hard to grasp onto but loves to talk about her unconventional ideas. She can act like a fortune cookie with her immense amount of wisdom. She’s gifted with knowledge, vision, open-mindedness, and the ability to be rational.

She’s addicted to learning about the human race and is a people-watcher—she’s quite observant as well, picking up everything like a sponge. Her ideas and way of being can sometimes be a negative due to her stubbornness in changing her ideas. She is hellbent on being a rebel and will refuse to recognize her mistakes; her ego is attached to her opinions and unconventional way of being. An attack on her way of being is an attack on her identity. She isn’t the emotional type and finds it easy to detach from her emotions, unless her Moon sign (which in astrology is your emotions), is highly sensitive or emotional. She is always valuing her identity and individuality the most which can affect her in romantic connections the most.

The Aquarius Woman in Dating

She’s detached, independent, and rational in love. Her open-minded nature makes it hard for her to settle for something traditional. Her aloofness and cool way of being makes her appear too emotionally cold for her lovers. But, deep down she is a bundle of emotions. She is the kind to go for someone unique or someone who at least appreciates her uniqueness. She wants someone intellectual who can hold a conversation on whatever topic with ease.

She is charming, tantalizing, and witty. She is bound to impress you with her unconventional thoughts and all the knowledge within her mind. She wants you to fall in love with that first, it’s what she spends the most time cultivating. She tends to attract lovers who want to stir up her emotions and make her attached. She is friendly, outgoing, and insanely caring for others. Her emotional coldness isn’t who she really is deep down, she values love and the experience most of all. Romance and love are an idea to her and not this passionate thing most see it as—she does it quite casually.

She’s unpredictable and is the hardest to pin down in traditional matters. But, she is expecting a man to put in the time to get to know her. She wants to communicate and wants to connect mentally before physically—even if her views of sex are completely unique and imaginative. She might find it hard to fully give herself in love and is always focused on other things going on. But, when she’s truly involved she is loyal and devoted. She is the kind to be friends with you first and then become lovers; and the friendship must stay throughout the romantic connection, if she can’t be friends with you, she can’t be your partner.

She is a dream girl in most men’s eyes, she’s easygoing, never jealous or controlling, and not the emotional and clingy type. She values respect, privacy, and someone who can let her devote herself to her interests. She doesn’t wanna feel restricted or like she cannot be her truest self.

The Aquarius Woman in Sex

She’s casual about sexuality and the act itself. She is all for causal sex due to her ease with detachment and unconventional ideas about sex itself. She is independent and finds sex to be a way she can keep that. But, she definitely will not put up with being treated as a sex object, she demands respect in all ways. She’s imaginative and creative in the bedroom, she may be a slow start but once she’s there most things go.

She’s the kind to try anything once and values pleasing her partner in the bedroom the most. She is giving and does just about anything to make sure they are having fun and feeling good. She’s sympathetic, especially in the bedroom. Her views on sex are free and creative, always ready for something new and she tends to have interesting relationship dynamics.

The Aquarius Woman’s Likes and Dislikes

She’s an open-minded person, but she’s into interesting people. She has her opinions and it’s unlikely you can change them.

The things she values most in a partner:

  • Someone open-minded like she is.
  • Someone who gives her space and values her individuality.
  • Someone intellectuality inclined who stimulates her mind.
  • Someone great with communication and can talk for hours.
  • Someone who doesn’t try to restrict her in any way.
  • Someone who wants to be partners and experience life.

The things she’d find to be a dealbreaker:

  • Someone who is close-minded and doesn’t have their own ideas.
  • Someone who rejects her uniqueness.
  • Someone who is more emotional than logical.
  • Someone who isn’t ready to share their mind with her.
  • Someone with a dry sense of humor.
  • Someone who doesn’t value friendship.

The Aquarius Woman’s Best & Worst Match

Compatibility is a range of things in astrology, and the Aquarius woman can make friends with nearly anyone. But, if their personality doesn’t mesh well with hers there can be trouble finding a match.

The Aquarius Woman’s Best Match

  • Gemini
  • Sagittarius
  • Libra

The Aquarius Woman’s Worst Match

  • Scorpio
  • Virgo
  • Capricorn

Frequently asked questions about the Aquarius Woman

When is an Aquarius Woman done with you?

When she feels restricted, judged, or like her self-identity is being threatened. She is the type to ghost or leave without saying much. Yes, she is all about communication but won’t find value in it anymore if you’ve made her feel any type of way—or she gets bored. She needs intrigue, unpredictability, and someone who stimulates her mentally. She isn’t going to stick around to see if you’ll come to your senses, she will find a way out and go off on another adventure.

What is special about an Aquarius woman?

Her unconventional way of being is what makes her so special. She is unique, wacky, progressive, and all about humanity. She cares to make the world a better place with her unorthodox ideas. She is all about life in an untraditional way and makes her own path. She isn’t a follower, she’s a leader and is damn proud of it. She is always her truest self and uses it as her strength. She’s completely different and brings a new way of thinking and being into any situation.

What is the weakness of the Aquarius Woman?

Her opinions and ideas are set in stone and she doesn’t hear others out much. Her stubbornness can get the best of her sometimes and she places too much of her opinions on her ego. Anytime someone shuts down one of her ideas it stabs her right in the ego and she finds her identity on shaky ground. She can be quite detached and is a rational person who prefers logic over emotion which can be a weakness in love—she finds it hard to fully enthrall herself emotionally.

5 Gifts for an Aquarius Woman

  1. Any book about philosophy, innovation, or astrology.
  2. A box of crystals for Aquarius’.
  3. Things for the bedroom that bring something new sexually.
  4. Art prints from her favorite artist.
  5. A polaroid camera.

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