Taurus Woman Traits

Has your eye found the beauty of a Taurus woman? She’s the stubborn bull, born between April 20th and May 20th, she’s full of Venus and value comfort, food, and might dip her hand in materialistic pleasures. In this article, we discuss the beauty of a Taurus woman and how to pull her in your direction by understanding what she’s like.

Most of us all know our Sun sign, it’s the one that shapes our personality. But, astrology has many components and goes way deeper than just the Sun. Astrology uses the time, location, and day of your birth to create a whole chart of who you are as a person. It’s a way to explore yourself and possibly predict what your life could be. But, the Sun sign still gives a good look into a person’s personality.

The sign of Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, it’s the planet of love, money, beauty, and all things that come to mind when you think of Aphrodite. In Greek Mythology, Aphrodite rules the planet of Venus and she is the goddess of love and beauty. Taurus is full of Venusian energy (along with Libra), she is the epitome of sensuality, luxury, and comfort. Taurus is represented by the bull due to their stubborn and slow nature—the bull is both strong and gentle like Taurus. As a Taurus woman, you can find luck with the numbers 6 and 4 and your birthstone of the emerald. Emerald will protect you against infidelity and deceit, it enhances loyalty and memory.

Now, it’s time to take a deeper look into the Taurus woman and do our best to understand her.

The Taurus Woman’s Personality

Taurus women are affectionate, patient, and stable, yet they are stubborn, determined, and resistant to change.

These women are incredibly dependable and are insanely helpful; they are good in a pinch. Venus is a caring planet, it values friends and romance, so in need, Taurus will be there to help you. They appreciate the finer things in life and they are down-to-earth with a mix of romance and poetry. They are responsible and steadfast with a gift of creativity. Taurus women are also quite boisterous, they have a theatrical flare to them and can call attention to themselves in a humble way—they don’t crave or try for it, but have an obnoxious flare to them. Taurus women could also throw in some funny voices as well. They have great stores of energy, but only put to what they want, not what others want.

They are a fixed sign which means they are not fond of change at all, or they do it at their own slow pace. Once a Taurus woman has made her mind up about something, it’s like pulling teeth to make her change. She also might have a bit of temper that might take a lot for her to show it—but when they blow up, you will know. They don’t go out of their way to challenge anybody, but nobody should challenge them; they don’t back down easily. Taurus women could be quite dogmatic, secretive, and could be self-indulgent or lazy; they hold grudges as well.

They dislike being in comfortable situations, they value comfort heavily. She needs to feel in control because the unfamiliar could make her anxious; she might cut herself off of new experiences. Taurus women are also heavily into self-love and pampering themselves. They enjoy a good meal, making themselves feel beautiful with a spa day at home, and indulging in any vices they may have. Don’t try to change this, if she wants to stay home and order delivery let her. Taurus women need a place that is comfortable for them, something that grounds them even more and gives them peace. They may be unmotivated at times, but when they set their eye on something, they go for it. So, if she needs to ignore her responsibilities for a little bit, don’t discourage it, embrace it.

Taurus is the second zodiac, it learns from Aries impulsive and aggressive nature and becomes patient and a little secretive. Taurus women take their time, they make their own road and take great pride in that. Yes, she may hear you out but if she’s made her mind up about anything, it would take a lot to change that. All of her stubbornness and slow-life-nature is just one aspect of her, she’s a sensual and beautiful woman with a great trait of being responsible and dependable.

The Taurus Woman in Love, Dating and Sex

Taurus women are the embodiment of womanhood: pleasure, emotion, and chaoticness. Taurus women are a feminine sign and need a barrel of masculine energy to balance her out in a romantic relationship—she’ll dominant if her romantic partner doesn’t have enough masculinity for her. She’s the romance, the candles, the fancy dinner, and the fur rug on the floor. But, she’s stubborn about it, she wants the sensuality and the gifts and she expects that from you.

She’s willing to follow where her heart is leading her, but might find it hard to fully display her feelings outright. She’s a private person, but she’s deeply sensitive and could find herself self-conscious around strangers—she’s quiet. She values a deep and committed relationship with lots of care and romance. She’s not going to jump into anything too quickly, she’s gonna take her time so don’t try and force her into being with you; she values a firm foundation. She will value restraint and patience from a guy. She’s slow to make up her mind and won’t be the first to make a move, so if you want her, take the shot.

She likes to know you enjoy her company and appreciates quality time together. She’s easygoing and responds well to guys she can laugh will; she has a robust and broad humor. Physical jokes hit her funny bone quite well, but don’t insult her in the process, she’s a sensitive and beautiful woman.

Feed her well, she needs a good meal and a great bottle of wine—she is a foodie and is the wine and dine type of girl. You could find conversation with her on the topic of money or your prized possessions; let her show off the magnificent things she’s acquired. She’s gonna talk your ear off, she enjoys talking heavily. And don’t be stingy with compliments either, whether it’s about her, her car, clothes, or their taste in things.

She’s not a coy woman in love, she is open, affectionate, and demonstrative with her lover. She values a passionate and sophisticated man—especially in the bedroom—she wants a devoted lover and someone who can handle her demands. She is an old- fashioned woman, love brings out the best in her, she is earthy and romantic. She will love, protect, and nurture her partner—probably with food. If she loves you, nothing anybody says will affect her and make her leave you. She has a stable sense of her own judgement, she can trust her instincts and knows what she needs.

In the bedroom, she might be a little lazy, but she just wants to be comfortable. She likes a meal beforehand and wants the candles lit. Taurus rules the neck so she could love neck kisses—and breath play—but, she’s a slow and sensual lover. Although, in astrology someone’s Mars sign rules what they like in the bedroom, so what she likes that relates to her personality could be completely different. But, she values sensuality and comfort, pamper her and give her compliments during it.

The Taurus Woman’s Likes and Dislikes

She’s a stubborn woman, so don’t try to change her mind on any of these things.

The things she values most in a partner:

• Stability and Security.
• Someone who is masculine and could take care of her—PDA is a big thing.
• She values someone with ambition.
• Someone who understands the finer things in life; someone well-rounded.
• Someone romantic and is interested in art and poetry.
• Someone who is trustworthy and reliable.

The things she’d find to be a dealbreaker:

• Someone who is immature and lacks common sense.
• Someone not emotionally mature and open.
• Someone who isn’t proud of her and doesn’t wanna show her off.
• Someone who is unpredictable—she hates change.
• She likes someone who wants to stay in; an introvert.
• An egotistical man, she wants someone who cares about her needs as well.

The Taurus Woman’s Best Match

Compatibility comes down to other elements and placements in astrology and also just overall connection with someone. But, personality wise you can find someone who works well with you and mixes well with your personality.

• Pisces
• Virgo
• Cancer

The Taurus Woman’s Worst Match

• Sagittarius
• Aquarius
• Aries

How to Attract a Taurus Woman?

She’s the art of seduction, but not a promiscuous woman. She needs security and stability and someone who truly wants to experience the finer things in life with her. She’s a woman who enjoys a good meal and would enjoy being courted. She’s elegant, serene, artistic, and a good-natured woman. She wants someone who is reliable and who can pamper her, don’t forget to take your time with her and really let her see you.

How to Get a Taurus Woman to Chase You?

She won’t. She is too slow for that and needs to feel comfortable with you first. She’s gonna put in time and effort to build something with you. She doesn’t want a man who isn’t coming to her and courting her. She wants you to be the one going after her. But, she likes a man who smells and looks good; someone who takes care of themselves. Your stability and independence could make her walk to you, she’d find herself admiring you and might want a piece of that.

What is the Weakness of a Taurus Woman?

She’s the kind of woman who plays things safe and doesn’t change quite often. But, in love she is the kind to fall to her knees over a beautiful candlelit dinner with a love- making session and a nice bath after. She has a weakness for a comfortable bed and a nice night inside. If you want her, take your time with her and don’t try to force her into anything she doesn’t wanna do. She is a sensitive woman so keep her safe and protect her in situations that could be unfamiliar to her.

5 Gift Ideas for a Taurus Woman

  1. Jewelry, she loves expensive items.
  2. A fancy dinner, feed her and you’re good.
  3. Bath bombs or soaps—anything to pamper herself.
  4. A bouquet of flowers, something simple and sensual.
  5. A cookbook and let her cook you dinner.

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By Bailey Navin

Bailey Navin is an experienced Astrologer, Spiritualist, and Tarot Reader. She uses her knowledge in Astrology to help others understand themselves and look deeper into the power of the stars. Along with that, she’s a poet and has self-published her own poetry book.