Scorpio Woman Traits

A Scorpio woman’s grasp is one you should be prepared for if you’ve found yourself eyeing her. She’s an intense woman, born between October 23rd and November 21st. She can be the most intoxicating woman on the planet but be prepared for her ever-changing ways. In this article, we will discuss what makes a Scorpio woman so powerful and how you can keep her in your tracks.

Astrology is as deep as a Scorpio woman’s emotions, it comes with many components and different means that affect us. Nearly everyone knows their Sun sign, it’s the sign that shapes and holds our personality. But, astrology goes even more complex with an entire chart based on the time, location, and day of your birth. It shows different aspects of who you are and what makes you up as a person. So, not everyone is just their Sun sign, but when it comes down to it they share similar traits and ways of being.

The sign of Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto. Although Pluto technically isn’t seen as a planet anymore, it still affects us and most of all Scorpio. Pluto was the god of the underworld in Greek mythology and worked closely with the dead. He also was about beginnings and endings which emphasizes Scorpio’s ever-changing ways. Scorpio women can find luck with the numbers 2 and 4 and their birthstone Topaz. Topaz helps release occult powers and brings serenity, it also protects from enemies—since Scorpio can make many—and illness.

Now, we will dive deep into the complex and powerful Scorpio and what kind of woman she is.

The Scorpio Woman’s Personality

She is the definition of passionate, emotional, persistent, dramatic, and intense. She is a possessive woman, on the search for purpose and destiny and always looking deeper into things—but in a retrospective way, yet she is also blessed with a wonderful intuition, you can’t get anything past her. She is a secretive woman, keeping a lot inside, and finds opening up to people quite difficult since she is a deep woman who feels and observes a lot. She values people who can trust her and open up to her, when this happens she will feel safe enough to let you see some of her.

She may have gone through a lot in her life, Scorpio rules the 8th house in astrology which represents death, secrets, and transformations. She has seen a lot and could’ve felt betrayed many times in her life; she may come with some trust issues or a bundle of enemies. She isn’t afraid of much, she is headstrong, a powerful and persistent woman. She can get what she wants and isn’t afraid to step on anybody’s toes to get there—she can go to great extremes. She’s independent and often can handle anything thrown in her direction. But, some may say she’s weak or even cold. She has a lot of emotions but this is where she draws her strengths from. Her coldness is her lack of trusting others and being her independent and strong self.

She is magnetic with a tremendous force that can affect nearly anyone she meets. She is a bad-ass, a femme fatale type, with an endless amount of strength. She has many levels to her, she’s incredibly deep, if you peel another layer back she will reveal something completely new and intoxicating. But, she can be manipulative and suffer from a bit of a victim complex; more or less, her emotions can blow way out of proportion into dramatics that nobody is ready for. She values meaningful work and can be quite philosophical with an interest in the occult, religions, and the darker arts of life.

Scorpio women have a psychic ability (along with the other water signs, Cancer and Pisces). But, she has the ability to delve deep into the powers of her mind and sniff out anything that doesn’t feel right—she’ll feel it. Her strengths and weaknesses come out the strongest in relationships where she can lose some of herself and her superb generosity comes out, but she can become violent and jealous.

The Scorpio Woman in Dating

She’s a force to be reckoned with in relationships and love. She’s a possessive woman, she has an incredible range of emotions and if you touch one of them, she won’t let you go. She can feel everything and practically wants to merge souls with you. She becomes intense, when she wants something she wants it bad. She’ll need a lover who had stable ground to stand on since she is a tornado, she wants them to know exactly what they want and be proud of it. She is demanding, affectionate, and emotional. She is the kind who you can’t escape from, always coming back to her and her irresistible ways.

Her demanding and jealous nature is a lot to bear and might make you wanna turn your head, but her fascinating and enchanting ways will pull you right back. She will love you to pieces and make a home in your heart for herself. She brings mystery, darkness, passion, and you have no chance but to be bewitched by it. She isn’t the kind to put herself in the in-between, it’s everything or nothing. She may attempt to a compromise but she is a fighter.

Love is an important thing for a Scorpio woman, and her ability to bewitch anybody brings her love when she pleases. Her intuition will simply tell her if you’re worth it or not and her intuition is always correct. She picks up on energy very easily and is highly effects by it. Her desire to be in a committed and deep relationship stings hard and she feels hurt by coldness or a casual nature in love. She is the most vulnerable in love, her heart is open all the way, and many things can hurt her that you don’t suspect. She’s the kind of woman to bite back if she’s hurt and she can grow violent if she feels betrayed or like trust was broken.

She’s a faithful woman, fully falling into love and never looking for a way out. She is the most loyal that you can get but needs constancy, affection, and most of all someone who can handle her possessiveness. She will become obsessed with you when she’s in love with you, but she is still her independent self and could handle her own self.

The Scorpio Woman in Sex

Get ready to be fully enchanted by her in the bedroom. She is passionate, dark, and could be into taboo things. She can be insanely provocative, usually well-equipped with the right things to say during it. She is up for an all-night session and will do whatever to make the night as amazing as it can be. She is an experimental woman and is insanely erotic. Although in astrology, someone’s Mars sign rules what they like in the bedroom, so what she likes that relates to her personality could be completely different.

But, she is the kind who shows when she’s excited. She’s all about filling her lover’s ego and building them up to get them going. She is into sexy lingerie and will bring an enchanting aspect to the bedroom or wherever she decides. She wants you to think about it for days even years. She knows you’ll be obsessed to some degree after a night with her and she feeds on that. She’s a temptress, a seductive woman who knows her power and how to use it in her favor. She always wants more than you might be ready to give, she can be a little dominating in the bedroom.

The Scorpio Woman’s Likes and Dislikes

She knows what she wants and her intuition will tell her if you’re worth it or not. She’s a demanding woman, so be prepared if you can’t measure up to her needs.

The things she values most in a partner:

  • Someone who is emotionally available and open.
  • Someone who is as obsessed with her as she is with them.
  • Someone trustworthy and insanely loyal.
  • Someone who can be deep, philosophical, and interested in the weirdness like her.
  • Someone who can handle her changing ways.
  • Someone who won’t try to change her or her opinions.

The things she’d find a dealbreaker:

  • Someone who hides things—she will know.
  • Someone who makes fun of her sensitive nature.
  • Someone who is just looking for casual fun, it’s always deeper with her,
  • Someone who doesn’t listen, she wants and needs your full attention.
  • Someone who cannot put up with her demands.
  • Someone who doesn’t have curiosity about things.

The Scorpio Woman’s Best & Worst Match

She’s an intense woman who needs someone able enough to put up with her ways. Although compatibility is way more than someone’s Sun sign, but you can find another Sun sign that meshes well with you and compliments your personality. A Scorpio woman is bewitching and complex and deserves someone who cares to embrace that.

The Scorpio Woman’s Best Match

  • Cancer
  • Pisces
  • Capricorn

The Scorpio Woman’s Worst Match

  • Leo
  • Gemini
  • Aries

How to get a Scorpio Woman to chase you?

She won’t, she wants you to chase her. But, if you’ve broken her heart in any way she will come in ready to destroy you. She isn’t the type to sit back if you’ve hurt her, you will know if she is upset with you. But, getting her to chase you is another story. She isn’t the type to run after you, she expects you to do that to her. She is the magnet, the enchanting woman who knows her worth.

How to make a Scorpio Woman miss you?

She will always miss you if she’s opened her heart up to you. If you don’t live with her, she will appreciate proclamations of love and the fact you are still thinking about her. She will miss you if you miss her and show it. She is expecting to see you a lot since your presence most likely brings her a sense of comfort. If you’ve built a strong connection and have spent time together she will often think about it without you having to do anything—she can be quite sentimental. Plus, her intuition will probably tell her if you’re missing her which will entice her.

What are the weaknesses of a Scorpio Woman?

She is her most vulnerable in love. Her hesitant nature when it comes to trusting someone can become a weakness for her. But, if someone betrays her in any way she will be heartbroken, yet she will come back with vengeance. Her weaknesses range from her coldness, ability to achieve what she wants without thinking about the consequences, and her possessiveness. She can be controlling and jealous in love which could push her lover away, she holds on too tight sometimes which doesn’t always work for her. But, she’s a strong woman, not much phases her.

Gifts for Scorpio Woman

  1. Tarot Cards.
  2. Books about the occult, conspiracies, and mysteries.
  3. Items to be used in the bedroom with her.
  4. A trip to a haunted house.
  5. Anything with the word “Scorpio” on it, most Scorpio women love to own that they are a Scorpio.

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