Libra Woman Traits

Have you found yourself utterly charmed by a Libra woman? She’s an elegant, peaceful, and artistic woman. She’s born between September 23rd and October 22nd, she’s ruled by the planet Venus, and she’s full of love and beauty. In this article, we will discuss how you could charm her yourself.

Astrology is a complex and whirlwind of many things. It’s built up of how the planets affect us and what they can bring to our lives. There’s more than our Sun sign in astrology, but it’s our personality and gives a good general energy to all who share the same Sun sign.

The sign of Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, it’s the planet of love, money, beauty, and is the epitome of Aphrodite. In Greek mythology, Aphrodite rules the planet Venus and is the goddess of love and beauty. Libra shares this ruler with Taurus, they are both known for their beauty and appreciation of luxury but, Libra is unlike Taurus in many ways. As a Libra woman, you could find luck with the numbers 6 and 9 and your birthstone the Opal. Opal brings financial success, releases jealous tendencies along with greed, and brings clear insight.

Now, it’s time to take a deeper look into the Libra woman and do our best to understand her.

The Libra Woman’s Personality

A Libra woman is captivating, full of an insane amount of charm, well-equipped with great taste, and are wonderful with people.

These women are great at making others feel important. They can be people-pleasers sometimes, but never want others to feel lonely—since they experience that sometimes themselves. They are great at bringing others out of their shells and are incredible listeners. She’s gonna bring out a smile from anybody and can smooth roughness with utter ease. She appreciates art, love, music, decorating, and most of all people.

Aside from that, she could be a bit of a narcissist deep down due to her expectance for admiration. She remembers nearly every compliment she’s ever received. But, she can be a little judgmental towards others and their appearances. She might not look very deep into someone, if they are charming she will run with that only. Yet, she values partnerships heavily and tends to always be longing for love.

Her energy can be focused can be solely on relationships and gaining experiences through them. She focuses a lot of her energy on other people and can be a magnet for people. She is great at taking in multiple point-of-views from people and is the kind to hear all sides of the story, so everyone feels equal. She has abilities to fully understand people intuitively and her being a great listener aids in this. She is a great team player and has a great way of juggling multiple egos and melds them well together.

She strives for balance and harmony most of all, she feels happy and secure when things are calm and in order. She values peace and will go however far she has to so she achieves it. She can see all the different outcomes of a situation, and even if something goes wrong she can easily smooth over it and move along. She may not fully feel or express her own feelings, she can be very self-sacrificing and finds herself trying to be multiple things at once for others—she values her close relationships dearly. This might give her an indecisive way of being as well.

She might feel like something is truly missing from her and finds herself feeling incomplete on the inside. Others see her as smart and successful, but she can sometimes put up a front since she doesn’t know who she really is or even feel real. She can be a bit of an underachiever, she has great instincts but an easygoing attitude to life. She might not want anything badly enough to actually fight for it; she believes in fairness, so if she feels entitled to something, then she’ll fight for it. She’s an idealist, romantic, warm-hearted woman who is always optimistic.

The Libra Woman in Dating

She’s always longing for love. She can detest feeling lonely and usually will do anything to fill that—whether or not it’ll go somewhere serious, sometimes she just needs to do a little flirting and get some attention to feel good. She loves the idea of love and being loved. She is an enchanter, a woman coined in the art of seduction. She brings life into anything, and her love for art, good food, and fashion feeds into that. She is all about romance and values giving gifts and leaving love notes. Sometimes she loses interest fast mainly because she falls fast and enjoys the game of enchanting you—she wants you to see her as the star that she is.

She might just expect you to see her true desires and won’t vocalize them herself. She expects someone to provide her with all things romance: flowers, champagne, surprise getaways, anything you name it. She loves shows of affection and adoration. She might find herself attracted to older or richer men and wants someone who can cater to her and take care of her. Love and romance are coursing through her veins which gives her this glow when she’s in love and truly feeling good about herself. She finds love to be enlightening and values romance a little too much that she might feel off without it.

The Libra Woman in Sex

Oh, she’s the star and she expects you to think so too. She likes drama in the bedroom as well, she will set the stage and come out in beautiful lingerie—she likes to see the reaction from her lover and will do anything to get one. She is in no rush in the bedroom and finds sex can last all night long. She is a proactive woman, aware heavily of her sexuality, coupled with her love of reactions she might do things at inappropriate times. She might enjoy a mirrored ceiling as well, she is in love with the moment and equally with herself; she likes seeing someone fawn over her.

She’s the kind to people please so she might be up for a lot of things for fear of displeasing you. But, she isn’t into men who are overbearing in their approach and values a mental connection as well. She is an incredibly feminine woman who might be a bit of an exhibitionist. Although in astrology, someone’s Mars sign rules what they like in the bedroom, so what she likes that relates to her personality could be completely different. She enjoys the kind of lover who appreciates all of her body and is passionate about all of her.

The Libra Woman’s Likes and Dislikes

She might not want to admit what she doesn’t like about you, but she definitely has it lit up in her mind.

The things she values most in a partner:

  • Someone who takes care of themselves just like she does with herself.
  • Someone who is romantic and has no problem indulging in it.
  • Someone who is good-hearted.
  • Someone who has a good taste and values her purchases.
  • Someone artistic, or at least values art, literature, and music.
  • Someone who can blow her mind away with knowledge, communicative skills, etc.

The things she’d find to be a dealbreaker:

  • Someone who is disrupts her peace.
  • Someone not emotionally mature.
  • Someone who is selfish.
  • Someone who is fair-minded and isn’t quick to judge a situation.
  • Someone who is always ready to argue.
  • Someone who takes advantage of her selflessness.

The Libra Woman’s Best & Worst Match

Compatibility is a lot more than just your Sun sign in Astrology, but personality-wise you can find someone who meshes and works with you. Libra is a sign that can almost work with every sign, they are great with people—they truly are charming. They work well with other Air signs such as Gemini and Aquarius, personality-wise they are different but share the same element of aloofness and communication.

Libra Woman’s Best Match

  • Gemini
  • Aquarius
  • Leo

The Libra Woman’s Worst Match

  • Cancer
  • Scorpio
  • Pisces

When is a Libra Woman Done with you?

She won’t tell you, she is far too nice for that. If she does decide to tell you, she will do it in the most passive way possible—even passive-aggressive. But, she is the type to ghost you, for her fear of upsetting you or having conflict; she hates to fight. If the problem can be solved she is likely to communicate, but otherwise, she is silent.

What Does a Libra Woman look for in a Man?

She wants someone who is romantic just like she is. She values being loved and wants someone who can give her the fantasy she has built up around love. She expects someone who isn’t afraid to adore the heck out of her and gives plenty of compliments. She is a little indecisive so a man who can take control might impress her and give her a sense of calm in a sea of chaos. She likes the creative type, someone interested in the same things she is. She likes art, beauty, literature, fancy clothing, and making her living space beautiful. She likes a man who takes care of himself and looks good.

How to Attract a Libra Woman?

She likes the dramatics of anything, you’re never going to go too far trying to impress her. She likes luxury, jewelry, and talking. She comes with many interests that almost could always tie into a story about herself. She values compliments, give her the best and biggest one you can think of and you’ve got her. She loves, loves, loves to flirt. She is incredible at it and flirting with her is a great starting point. Be interested in her passions and the smarts she hides inside of her head. She is impressed by good taste and good music on a first date.

Gifts for a Libra Woman

  1. A book about relationships.
  2. Jewelry, lots of it, or anything expensive.
  3. A new bottle of her favorite perfume.
  4. A silk sleeping mask or pillowcase.
  5. A poetry book with lines underlined that remind you of her.

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By Bailey Navin

Bailey Navin is an experienced Astrologer, Spiritualist, and Tarot Reader. She uses her knowledge in Astrology to help others understand themselves and look deeper into the power of the stars. Along with that, she’s a poet and has self-published her own poetry book.