Libra & Libra Love And Friendship Compatibility

Libra is the sign that represents love par excellence, is ruled by the planet Venus and makes these people seek to complement each other to achieve their own balance. Kind, fair and seductive, they own a mixture of sensuality and charm that conquers the confidence of anyone. Libras are super attractive, and they have many ways to make their victims believe that they are the most desirable people in the world. In addition, as they are charismatic, thoughtful and loving, they are the perfect lovers for those who know how to wait. Anyone looking to date a Libra will have to develop patience as the rush to commitment is not characteristic of this sign. But, what happens when two Libras get together? 

Probably this relationship is the result of a “love at first sight” since physical appearance and aesthetic harmony is super necessary for this bond. However, after having crossed glances, the seduction will go through the mind. This means that the mind is as vital to this relationship as the physical appearance Sharing intellectual interests between them is essential, since both are looking for people who delight them with their wisdom, especially of a cultural nature. Being able to discuss movies, art, and music is a vital piece in this puzzle. As they are very diplomatic, Libra knows what look recreate for each occasion and when it comes to seduction, they wear what the other likes the most, which can be a little misleading when they show their true side.

Libra and Libra friendship compatibility

A friendship between two Libras will undoubtedly be full of enjoyment, understanding, tranquility although they can become somewhat superficial. Both know how to connect perfectly with the pleasures of life and will spend their time spending money, going to cafes, shopping and also visiting different museums or art galleries. They both feel that life is simpler if they avoid confrontation, which can sometimes lead to a certain lack of honesty in their relationship as many things are left unsaid. Their friendship will be much more constructive if they can be open with each other and communicate when something bothers them about the other. This friendship can become a bit wicked when it comes to gossip, as they both have this tendency to be quite curious about other’s lives. However, they are very protective and like to treat each other with kind words, gifts and details.

Libra and Libra Relationship Compatibility

This is a couple that shares values, tastes, dreams and interests. They both genuinely seek to share themselves with someone and probably believe that happiness is only real when shared. Emotionally two Libras understand each other perfectly, since both know that for the other to be taken into account is very important. Therefore, they will accompany each other in an empathetic and caring way. They know how to put themselves in other’s shoes and often tend to over adapt to their partner, which can make them a little dependent. They are supportive when the other needs them, although they are better at accompanying their partner in good times, rather than in bad ones. 

The emotional connection of this union can be a bit clouded by their thoughts as Libra is a very mental sign. Both of them may be questioning in their heads all the time how to change their partner or if they are sure that this person is really the one for them. Consequently, it is important that as a couple you learn to let go of mental control and live in the present.

Libra and Libra Marriage Compatibility

And… what happens if two Libras get engaged and decide to get married? Although one of the goals of this sign is marriage or a similar commitment, they like to have fun -a lot of fun- on the way to this purpose. Actually, the difficult thing between these people of this same sign is not living their marriage, the tough thing for them is to get to the point of getting married. Let’s remember that this sign loves to see all the options before choosing, which makes it a rather hesitant sign. Therefore, the commitment between these two is not so simple, since they will be doubting until the last moment if the decision they are making is the right one. However, if they unite forever, they will have a beautiful marriage, very balanced, where both will seek peace and will give in to the tensions that arise within the couple. They will share many pleasures, their home will be a very beautiful one and their children -if they have any- will be raised in an environment of serenity and listening.

Libra and Libra sexual compatibility

When it comes to intimacy, Libra people can have very hot encounters. However, their sexual game begins much earlier, flirting is their weapon of choice and both will play at provoking each other long before the sexual act. They both love to be pursued, wooed and flattered by their suitors, so it is of utmost importance that they make themselves feel attractive and desired. 

Physical appearance, scents, clothing such as occasional lingerie is something that Libras are crazy about. Everything that is preparatory for them is extremely important, so they prefer an environment with candles, warmth and luxuries, which generate a kind of sanctuary where they can let their imagination fly. In any case, this is a sign that looks for comfort in general and also in the sexual sphere, so they run the risk of becoming somewhat boring and routine by reluctance. They have to be more spontaneous and enjoy sporadic encounters even if not everything is prepared to perfection. 

Libra and Libra Compatibility Percentages

Here’s what Gemini and Cancer’s compatibility scores look like for each section.

Friendship – 90%
They are very compatible as they value, accompany and balance each other. In addition, they have fun, shop and enjoy life.

Love Relationship – 70%
If they learn to face their differences, this pair will achieve a relationship full of love and balance. The secret is in communicating what is happening to them, both the good and the bad.

Sexual – 60%
They are connected by pleasures, and their intimate relationships can be full of seduction games. The strategies of attraction must be maintained over time to avoid getting bored.

Emotional – 80%
Both are empathetic and know how to put themselves in their partner’s shoes. The advice is not to become too symbiotic and give yourselves space to miss each other.

Taking into account all aspects, the compatibility between them is 75%, since it is a relationship that despite having some difficulties at the beginning to consolidate, once they are established they will do it strongly and it will be a very harmonious and lasting bond.  At first, there will be many doubts and fears that by choosing a person to share their life with, they are missing out on other opportunities. But later, this union will seek harmony in their love and in life and will work hard to make the crises that arise disappear. Ideally, they should not avoid those feelings of anger when things are not going well, but work on them and find solutions together, as this will allow them to evolve as a couple. Finally, their great challenge will be not to lose enthusiasm due to the lack of drive and activity that both tend to have. 

Pros and Cons of Libra and Libra compatibility


  • Relationship is very harmonious, the well-being of the couple is sought.
  • Partners, fun and friendly. 
  • Same interests, they share a sense of aesthetics.
  • Once they get to know each other, they will be very warm and sweet. 
  • They are not dramatic and like to see the bright side of life. 
  • They love to spend their life with a partner. 
  • They know how to make each other feel loved.


  • The first step in taking the relationship seriously can be difficult. 
  • They can become superficial, based on attraction or enjoyment and tend to run away at times when things get complicated. 
  • They may have problems when it comes time to be expressive and sentimental, because they are extremely mental. 
  • Sometimes communication can fail, conflict is avoided and it is difficult for the person to express what is bothering them/what they want/need. 
  • Both love to seduce others, which can lead to jealousy problems.

Finally, any relationship between two people of the Libra sign can be very fulfilling, plenty of beautiful moments and a lot of balance. They should not forget to learn to be honest with what happens to them and what they both want to go far together. 

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