Cancer Man Traits

Have your eyes set on a Cancer man but having a hard time figuring him out? You have arrived at the right place! Thanks to Astrology, we can now understand our partners better than ever before. Dating, love, and sex is already complicated enough. Why not simplify things with some zodiac analysis?

Firstly, let’s go over some foundational information about the zodiac sign Cancer. 

People born under the sign of Cancer are born between June 20th and July 22nd of every year. Their zodiacal glyph is the crab, which is a perfect representation of their personality! Cancers can be quite crabby, hence the glyph, but they know how to protect the important things in life. 

Additionally, Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, which influences them to focus on emotional safety. The order of the sign is important, as it shows a snapshot of the sign’s development. The earlier signs are mostly focused on development of the self, their things, their mind, and Cancer on their environment. This is why Cancers are deemed the home bodies of the zodiac!

Cancer is a cardinal water sign, meaning that they have an urge to initiate but primarily by navigating with their intuition. Although Cancers are initiators, they like to take their time with things. They like to take things one step at a time! Cancers need to make sure that any action they take will not compromise their safety net, or the things that they are most deeply connected to. Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon, they tend to prioritize familiarity and emotional satisfaction. This sign lets their heart run the show! 

Now let’s take a deeper look at what Cancer men are all about.

Cancer Man Traits

Intuitive, caring, moody, emotional, protective, humorous, chivalrous, unpredictable, needy, sentimental, family oriented, traditional, dedicated, domestic, charming, jealous, pessimistic, whiny, nurturing, comforting, loyal, thoughtful, romantic.

Understanding Cancer Men: Personality, Tendencies & Trust Patterns

Cancer men are one of the most intuitive and perceptive signs of the zodiac. They follow their heart and are heavily influenced by their emotions. These men aren’t the type to fake their love or sentiment towards another. Either they feel it or they don’t. They thrive on creating deep connections with those around them, and long to feel safe in life. The Cancer man’s experience is one that is highly subjective. These men have a strong connection to their experiences in life, which is partly why they are so sentimental. 

Further, Cancer men can be quite quirky and charming. Like mentioned above, because their perspective is highly subjective, they see things that others don’t. This can make them very funny and unique in their approach. You can bet that your Cancer man will always have quirky jokes ready! Their highly subjective energy also makes them very charming. They know how to make the people they love feel very special. Cancer men have an easy time putting themselves in other people’s shoes, which gives them the upper hand when it comes to charming others!

Since Cancer men are ruled by the Moon, they are the empaths of the zodiac. Being ruled by the water element adds a boost to their superpower. However, while beneficial in some ways, being empathetic can also work against them. Cancer men tend to absorb the energy around them, which can make them overly sacrificial to those they love. They can instantly pick up on the emotions of others, making it difficult for them to put up boundaries. This quality makes them susceptible to people pleasing tendencies, which only exhausts them. Cancer men tend to put others first before themselves, especially their friends and family. These men will do anything it takes to make sure their loved ones are taken care of. 

Ruled by the Moon, Cancer men can have a changeability to their personality which can feel contradictory.  While they thrive on stability and safety, their emotions can get the best of them. The moon is a rapid shifting luminary which heavily influences Cancer men. They can be unpredictable with their emotional states and leave others feeling confused. This is why Cancer men need a close circle of people that understand how they operate. Their loved ones act as their emotional support beams. However, that doesn’t mean that these men are weak. Cancer men possess an extraordinary force within them that makes them capable of moving mountains. That being said, the journey would not be as easy without those they care about most!

Finally, Cancer men can be slow to trust new people. Remember, these men are as cautious as it gets! They aren’t closed off to new connections, if anything they crave them, but they have a tough shell to crack. Cancer men are quite sensitive and vulnerable underneath their humour and charm. This is why they can be slow to trust others, but once you prove you don’t bite, they will shower you with love. Cancer men look for people that are understanding and supportive. If you show them you can listen and weather through their mood swings, they will start to open up.

When a Cancer Falls for Someone: Love, Dating, & Sex

Cancer men can hide the depth of their emotions when first getting to know their dates. However, once they have fallen in love, they tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves. These men aren’t shy with affection. If anything, they crave it more than anything! When in love, you can expect your Cancer man to go out of his way to prove his devotion. Expect cheesy love songs and deep conversations! These men are very expressive with the people they love, and won’t make you second guess how important you are to them. 

Moreover, Cancer men prioritize their loved ones above everything else. They are very loyal lovers and don’t like to lose the things dearest to them. Once they love you, they are yours to keep! Cancer men make sure their partner is taken care of and will always cater to their needs. These men will prioritize their partners so much that they can forget about themselves. They are very selfless lovers. You will know a Cancer man is in love with you when he lets you around his family and friends. These men are extremely family oriented and don’t let just anyone around them. If a Cancer man is cooking you meals and introducing you to his mom, you can bet he has fallen for you! 

When Cancer men fall in love, it is difficult to move their attention elsewhere. They become captivated by their partners and want to spend every moment with them. These men thrive on familiarity and emotional connection, so they will want to get to know you inside out. They are the type to stay up all night listening to your life story, and will get up early to bring you breakfast in bed. Cancer men find satisfaction in making others feel safe and loved. However, their fluctuating moods can also make them difficult lovers. They are quite sensitive, making them prone to getting hurt and agitated. They find it hard to move on from things and can hold onto resentment. Cancer men also have the tendency of becoming codependent with their partners. They see their loved ones as a source of security and can run the risk of suffocating them as a result. 

Further, when it comes to dating, Cancer men know how to court their potential partners. They are the type to hold the door open and walk you to your door! They know how to be gentlemen and will use any opportunity to show this off. However, Cancer men like to stay in their comfort zone when dating. Don’t expect skydiving or last minute road trips! These men are happy with home cooked meals and strolls on the beach. The most important thing for Cancer men will be getting to know you, so anywhere that is conducive for that will be their preference. 

Cancer men are the sensual, intuitive lovers of the zodiac. They love to emotionally connect during sex and love to deepen the chemistry in this way. Cancer men are tender lovers but that doesn’t mean they’re overly vanilla. When they have sex with someone they’re comfortable with, they are willing to explore uncharted waters. Remember, they are a cardinal sign after all! Just don’t expect them to show this side off the first time you have sex. These men need some time to get comfortable being completely vulnerable with another. Show them you’re committed and you will see a different side to them in the bedroom!

Things That Turn a Cancer Man On & Off

Cancer men are quite sensitive and can be quite moody. This can be exasperated if they are around people that are getting on their nerves! However, they are also quite loving so it’s not all negative with them. Here are some of the things that turn a Cancer man on and off. 

Turn Ons:

  • Predictable lovers. 
  • Affectionate and expressive people. 
  • Caring and nurturing behavior. 
  • Understanding and patient partners.
  • Grounded and supportive people.
  • Being honest but considerate.
  • Showing undivided attention.
  • Strong family morals and values.
  • Bravery and courage. 

Turn Offs:

  • Aloof and detached partners.
  • Overly objective people.
  • Hot and cold energy. 
  • Uncooperative partners.
  • Flirting or giving too much attention to other people. 
  • Taking advantage of others.
  • Unreliability.
  • Backhanded remarks.
  • Reckless and impulsive behavior. 

Most & Least Compatible Zodiac Matches for Cancer Men

Compatibility in Astrology is quite nuanced but these are the best and worst matches for Cancer men. Remember, we all have a complex chart that contains more than just our sun sign. You may be more or less compatible with your Cancer man depending on this factor. 

Most Compatible:

  • Taurus.
  • Scorpio.
  • Pisces.
  • Virgo.

Least Compatible:

  • Aquarius.
  • Sagittarius.
  • Gemini.
  • Aries.

How does a cancer man test you?

Cancer men test their partners by seeing how committed they really are to them. This can be done in conversation by talking about painful past experiences and seeing how you react. Remember, these men can sometimes have a volatile energy to them, so they need people that will stick around. If a Cancer man suspects you may flee once they show their vulnerable side, they will retreat without notice! These men will also test you around their friends and family. They cherish their loved ones opinion above all else, so if they don’t approve, there is a chance they won’t pursue things long-term.

What body type does a cancer man like?

Cancer men are ruled by the Moon, which rules over the breasts and stomach area. These will be the parts that they are most attracted to. Cancer is also a feminine sign, so these men will be very attracted to curvy and fuller figures. Even if your body type doesn’t match this description, as long as you have a sensual feminine energy they will be attracted to you!

When a cancer man is done with you?

When a Cancer man is done with you, they will completely switch off from how they were before. They will be cold, distant, and give you very little energy. They do this because they need to stay as far as possible to feel safe. When Cancer men have cut you off for good, they will stop coming around and will end their kind gestures. They can even be bitter and vindictive if they feel you have hurt or betrayed them. Cancer men can have a hard time moving on, so they will make sure to stay far away to avoid getting attached again.

The Top 5 Best Gifts for a Cancer Man

  1. A Stylish Picture Frame: Cancer men are very serious about their homes! They want to make sure it is comfortable but also adorned with sentimental touches. A picture frame with your favorite picture of you two will make him swoon!
  2. A Candle Light Dinner: Cancer men love romance and ambiance! Cook him his favorite meal and make the set up extra special. Rose petals, candles, and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert!
  3. Couples Spa Package: Quality time with a dash of pampering? What could be better! Better yet if you can arrange the spa day at a place with hot springs. Cancer men are ruled by the water element, so anything near water will be an experience to remember. 
  4. Engraved Bathrobe: Cancer men love sentimental gifts with thought behind them. They especially love items that they can use in their home that keep them feeling safe and comfy! His very own bathrobe will do just that. 
  5. A Custom Keychain: A custom keychain with his last name engraved! Cancer men are all about their ancestry and carrying forth their family legacy. A reminder of this on a commonly used item will be especially cherished. 

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By Lillian MacLean

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