Aries and Cancer Compatibility

Fire and water create steam when they connect and this makes for both a passionate and sensual relationship, but also a risky one because the natural reaction between these two elements may lead to things getting overly heated and symbolically speaking; steaming with anger. 

Both the Aries and Cancer love the ‘hot’ connection in a deeply devoted and loving relationship, and they also have the temperaments in which you can almost see the white-colored force of passion and rage coming out of their nose and ears. 

This is because they are both cardinal signs, squared in the zodiac cycle and thus bound to experience some obstacles, restriction and conflict on top of their already direct, assertive and passionate nature.

But then again, both being cardinal and thus not afraid to be selfish; a challenge and invitation to grow as an individual is very well-taken and will, once in harmony, drive them to their own personal limits and grow together tremendously. 

Their perspectives on the world and it’s affairs, potential and over-all philosophical meaning are vastly different, and so therefore the roles they are naturally designed to take on have specific needs and boundaries they are not naturally designed to provide for one another.

The Aries is a born leader, comes freshly out of the womb and is ready to venture and manifest. It wants to set fires, create sparks and move only forward. No need for revering back to its origins, it is Willpower that supplies them with life-force. 

While the Cancer, mother of the zodiac, provides the necessary parental guidance sourced from the focus on the connective, protective and nurturing belly. They mature and strengthen the co-creative manifestation in the relationship, in honor and appreciation of the initiated ideas and visions by the Aries. 

Their maternal instincts are attracted to the youthful and innocent Aries, it sparks their protective and nurturing nature, and this fiery sign needs the adoration and care the Cancer is very willing to give. But the Cancer also needs their sentimental needs met and prefers staying in the place they feel at home at, which strongly contrasts the outdoor-loving and adventurous Aries. 

Though they lack many commonalities in there interests and hobbies, these two signs are able to provide the necessary care and loyalty each other to feel secured in Love and on top of that will invoke many meaningful mutual lessons that lead to the development of many essential social, humanitarian and spiritual tools. 

They share a good balance of similarities and obstacles, which is the formula of a meaningful relationship full of growth, newness and deep care.

Too many similarities and the relationship will seem more like a friendship in which they don’t challenge each other enough to keep the passionate flame burning. And too many obstacles can cause them to give up quicker on sticking with the participating tasks to transcend their own inadequacies and gain the necessary experience and understanding to collaborate better with each other and everyone else. 

But in their perfect balance the Aries and Cancer share enough loyalty and cardinal perseverance to support, collaborate and compromise their needs to a point of mutual benefit and built-in understanding. 

They don’t have a mirroring relationship and thus cultivate very different needs. When we learn how to meet those and show up beyond our comfort zone and current capabilities, the potential of individual growth and strengthening a bond because of that is huge. 

The combination of the instinctively driven Aries and the highly intuitive Cancer leads to a great synchronized collaboration and union, if they manage to rest in a point of harmony of course. Otherwise any decision making can be highly frustrating to both.

This is specially important because the Aries craves forwardness and this is not always easy to get from the thick-skinned Cancer.  

The Aries will easily lose patience to the insecurity of the cancer who only takes a step once the whole sensitive body, the suspicious and routined mind and especially the intensely changeable emotions, are aligned. 

The only way for an Aries to accept and cooperate with this is to allow themselves to be mystified and fascinated by the cycles of the Moon and how those live through the, in their opinion ‘insanely’, intuitive Cancer. The change of tides can inspire the Aries in their love for newness and the liveliness of nature and its cycles. 

And this goes for many other things; they need to understand each other’s perspective, intention and nature before committing to a relationship as this is what allows them to see beauty in what otherwise feels very counter-intuitive and unnatural to their personal structure. 

Just like the Aries represent the start of Springtime, Cancer represents the Summer. A heated time of the year with the most intense growth and vital participations. 

This shows in the ways a Cancer experiences life; as if they were pregnant. They are in high demand of pampering attention, have many mood swings, feel overheated at times and experience increased intuition and powerful dreams. 

An Aries needs to not only respect this, but also not fear it. 

And on the more positive note; the instinctively protective and caring nature that comes with birthing a child can provide the inspiration and initiation for the Aries to gain humbleness and ability to collaborate easier with others. 

It has such an adventurous, ambitious and action-taking nature that the Yin reflection provided by the Cancer, that they are in love with, only leads to the decision-making and commitment to improve the Self. 

Then again, despite the potential of growth there needs to be a balance between the sometimes clingy and overbearing Cancer in relation to the independent and adventurous Aries that gets easily un-attracted by any form of possessiveness of dependability.

The highly romantic spark can win-over an Aries immediately, yet any fixation and emotional manipulation or complications from the Cancer can drive these two far apart. 

An Aries has the potential to learn here how their own overwhelm or demanding nature can be a big turn-off as they dislike these kinds of passiveness and control themselves. 

The cancer has a lesson to learn as well; to release those they love and support their independence and honor space by not restricting them, but using their supportive nature to motivate and provide guidance when necessary. 

And in the opposite way, the Aries’ intolerance to drama, push/pull tendencies towards their own expectations and often interruptive nature can drive a Cancer not only mad but will hurt them deeply enough to put on a thick self-protective shield and block out their opponent in vicious ways. 

It is essential to know that as two cardinal signs you are mainly contributing to yourself and need to balance your tempers together. Avoid playing power-games and see the mutual benefit from genuine transcendence to what you both know is not an always positive characteristic.

Key to this is forgiveness; being compassionate and dedicated enough to realize the potential and purpose of each other’s patterns and not interfere, oppose, disprove or curb each other’s needs and desires. 

For instance, the passionate quest for romance has a different motive. 

The Aires seeks deep spontaneous sparks to brighten their aliveness and power them up, while the Cancer sees a lot of value in deepening down in an emotional bond and release any and all pain or sadness to strengthen the intimacy and deepen the bond they so eagerly want to solidify. 

The Aries learns in this that it is beneficial and treasured to show more allowance and tolerance. To not make another person feel wrong for their truth and hold them back. 

An for a Cancer there can be great relieve and amplification of their deep sensation when the Aries adds a lot of exciting, adventurous and playful energy to the bond so they experience the essence of romance even deeper. 

To meet needs and respect boundaries it is a good practice for both sun signs to learn to listen and not just respond. They cover different grounds and teach each other particularly contradistinctive life-lessons.

So to gain acceptance and realize the potential communication is very important, and their cardinal directness and genuinely will help with this.

Another valuable input would be to pick battles intelligently. Some things are just not worth fighting over and on certain levels it is okay to agree to disagree. 

Find your shared values in more light-hearted things and take space to process your disappointment or vision without convincing the other. This works as neither are easily convinced to stray from their natural way of seeing things

Instead, focus on the contributory dynamics between the Cancer’s sensibility of insecurity and other people’s needs which brings a lot of emotional support to an Aries, and how this allows them to feel guarded and guided in support of their strong nature. The grief of a warrior’s heart benefits deeply from motherly care and calming warmth.

An Aries experiencing such comfort will quickly realized the importance of sharing support, care and patience. And this is of course a very valuable lesson. 

One last piece of advice; don’t forget to compromise. Both signs are self-motivated and driven by their strong needs, so to lack compromise will extract them both from the personal space they need.

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By Jaya Margherita

As a curious full-time traveler who was born and raised in the multicultural city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Jaya Margherita has pursued her passionate discovery of both traditional and alternative teachings across this planet from the age of 17.