Aries and Aries Compatibility

On top of the essential characteristic similarities of the Aries sun sign and thus a strong familiarity to one another, the doubled cardinal fire-element between them makes for perhaps the most magnetic combination possible, which creates an intense attraction and a tender compatibility. 

Excitable, assertive and impulsive, the Aries knows what it likes and is not hesitant to move forward in this direction of reach in a devoted manner. And when it comes to being attracted to someone; highly romantic  in their approach as well.

In a combination of 2 Arians the pull to one another is direct and full of optimistic idealism.

This starts off easily as it can be relieving to them to connect with someone that has the same communicative speed and clarity, playful nature and high standards of loyalty and respect.

As friends they make perfect team, and as lovers they form a passionate adventurous union.

An Aries in love is excited, loyal and ‘all in’ with their romantic gestures and adoration to the other. 

Two Aries’ in love will therefore seem like very best friends to those around them and carry a highly energetic, bright, positive and fun-loving radiance. 

As the same signs, and thus in conjunction in the zodiac cycle, they intensify each other’s energy when in harmony and actively create a constant newness. 

They will recognize similar dreams, aspirations and levels of confidence in each other and that makes them strongly magnetic by natural laws. Whatever feels familiar and we recognize in ourselves is a lot easier to deeply trust, and this level of security and assurance provides them both with a sheltered Love connection. 

As individuals Aries are strong motivators to their their friends and happily commit to being the supportive friend any person would dream off. 

To build upon a relationship though, friendship, while key, is key but not the only vital cog to a relationship. There needs to be a maintenance of co-creativity and mutual willingness to compromise and navigate desires to stay in harmony and not only complement but fully support each other’s vision, mission and interest. 

In a wholesome state the Aries is absolutely capable of providing this intention, but with that being said this young fire sign is not always that centered and has many tendencies that require a lot of self-control to transcend.

They need to learn how to build a constructive outlet for their intense energy and not let their own interest overbear another person’s personal space and jurisdiction.

Arians are so strongly aware of their own interest that there is not much tolerance for detours and distractions, especially when those lack logic, reason and transparency. 

When a situation does not allow the freedom to move forward and manifest their ideals and dreams, an Aries has no problem turning away and staying put with their own will, as it is the adventure they seek and the victory over any challenge that comes their way that brings the reward of glory they are not shy to claim. 

Unwilling to obey any other mission than their own causes them to respond aggressively to what- and whomever blocks the path and direction of the envisioned goal. 

Combined with the deep care and adoration they can have for their loved one, this determination and devotion to their own Will can cause a painful destruction of the once fully coherent togetherness when there is any lack of mutual interest. And between two Aries’ this fragility is amplified to a level that makes this a tender connection. Both partners express their pain of loss in similar outward ways and their passionate, fiery and blunt anger will only aggregate highly heated conflicts. 

They need to learn how to cope with disappointment and grieve by becoming more flexible and compromising to certain situations that require an expansion of their acceptance. Otherwise any little disagreement will set off a fight not worth having as it’s repetition will quickly burn out the partners and push them apart.

Within this lack of containment in their strong and aggressive Will there can be an imbalance of personal space between them. This interference of dominance and control can break the harmony rather fast and turn the Arians against one another in the same intensity as their attraction. Like magnets they are either fully drawn to or totally repelled by each other and this is what makes a relationship between them very tender and fragile. 

It shows a high demand of personal awareness on both sides, a relatively mature level of self-control and most of all; a healthy sense of anger-management. 

This brings us to the biggest challenge they may face in a love relationship; holding and building a longterm bond that continues to be as positive and bright as it was in their ‘honeymoon phase’. 

Now, getting bored from each other won’t be the problem and keeping the relationship ‘hot’ is not the issue. 

The crux is in finding and developing the essential navigation of their temperament and directness. This will sooth the tender edge between the two warrior archetypes that eagerly and impulsively lives within them.

Walking these similar paths of personal evolution means that it is not recommended to have a lack of space in any relation between them. 

In openness and purity they can intentionally devote their Will to transcend their destructive tendencies and find a way to be equally supportive of each other and put any differences either aside or in a more constructive light. 

Helpful steps can be;

-Focussing on own desires, visions and intentions and not leaning into the other’s ways too much. Keeping the individual responsibility over the path they want to walk and not distract or deceive the other to control their direction. 

-Finding ways to express themselves in non-violent ways and holding space for the other, instead got filling this in with their own avidity and forwardness. 

-Having enough space and time for expressing the large amounts of energy in separate ways, and then coming together again in mutual enthusiasm for the same cause.

And lastly, perhaps the most important instrument of harmony; trusting each other’s integrity and innocence when it comes to personal needs and the willingness to manifest certain visions. 

This means recognizing the beauty of their candid nature and staying open, honest, sincere and straightforward in respectable manners when there is a conflict of interest or lack of agreement. 

It may and quite frankly will be hard work for this relationship to longly last as the cardinal nature they carry leaves very little room for persistence and patience to stick with the process of finding stability in an otherwise often tense and dynamic relation. 

The tendency to detach and exit is easily triggered if for either the bond is not worthy enough of honest and deep self-improvement. 

The intensity of conflict shows as a reflection of the aggressive nature deep within this young sign ,and when the destructive influence of anger and temperament threatens the prosperity of what they care really deeply about, it might be the most effective wake-up call to improve and adjust the sometimes harmful and inconsiderate self-interest of this cardinal fire sign. 

Being confronted with the patterns you carry within through the mirror of intimacy calls for deep self-realization and analysis. 

But for an Aries that only triggers the courage to transcend the blindspots they seek to uncover as this is required to be the leader they dream of being. 

It takes a deep level of care for both the Self and the other to be willing to face such an intrinsic and spiritual challenge. But as a relationship deepens the awareness over the Self, there is great potential for two Arians to develop very valuable tools that allow the construction of their evolution. 

The reward shows in fruition and ease in all other areas in life as well, because the Aries has most to learn. 

A teacher teaches what they need to learn themselves, and for this reason the Aries archetype represents the leader. They are the youngest and thus need to learn everything from scratch, but that makes them experienced and skilled enough to be a very stable and royal figure. 

This is the silver lining of their self-interest; there is lots to gain from honestly looking within to see how their aggression eventually always leads to self-destruction. And that triggers mostly everyone to find the motivation of growth.

With this hopeful given that they desire to grow and willingness to transcend comes the opportunity to see great beauty in individual expansion, and with such awareness it is not only easier to give each other space but also motivate one another to continue in courage and grace on the journey of mutual self-improvement. 

This makes the journey ahead quite attractive to the naturally competitive and challenge-driven Aries. 

Their drive to show up in courage and integrity is activated by a challenge, and to celebrate the symbiotic growth as a result of almost guaranteed victory makes the rich reward of this difficult journey very appealing to the Aries whose natural path is the one of seeking the highest potential.

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By Jaya Margherita

As a curious full-time traveler who was born and raised in the multicultural city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Jaya Margherita has pursued her passionate discovery of both traditional and alternative teachings across this planet from the age of 17.