Cancer Woman Traits

Have you found yourself in the nurturing hands of a Cancer woman? She’s caring, emotional, sympathetic, kind, and loyal. She’s born between June 21st and July 22nd, with the Moon as her ruler; which aids in her emotional and intuitive nature. In this article, we discuss the softness of a Cancer woman and how to get yourself into her tender hands.

Astrology is a complex and intriguing topic and most only know their Sun sign and what it means for them. Yet, the Sun sign is only just your personality, while astrology uses the time, location, and date of your birth to figure out how the planets affect you and make up more of you as a person. Your Sun sign is only the cusp of who you are but it still can give a good indication of you and your personality.

The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon, it holds our emotions, hidden self, and our mother. In Greek mythology, the original ruler of the Moon was Selene, she was a private and timid person who was ever-changing. But, in time, Artemis became the goddess of the Moon. She is a hunter, the goddess of animals, childbirth, and nature. Cancer women are an accumulation of both these goddesses—Cancer women are caring, timid, but strong and care deeply for animals and children.

Cancer is ruled by the crab, it shows their hard exterior but the softness inside of them; but when a Cancer woman feels threatened or uncomfortable she retreats back into her shell, wherever she feels comfortable. As a Cancer woman, you can find luck with the numbers 3 and 7 and your birthstone the Pearl. The Pearl helps change bad fortune to good and brings harmony; also brings support from important people.

Now, it’s time to take a deeper look into the Cancer woman and do our best to understand her.

The Cancer Woman’s Personality

Cancer women are not always what they appear to be, yes they are known to be kind and sympathetic but sometimes their crabby nature can come out.

Cancer women are a bunch of contradictions and can be confusing to understand, they move just like the moon does. They could be the type to wallow in self-pity and use their emotions in unhealthy ways and disregard other people’s problems other than their own —yet they care caring and are sympathetic. They can be big babies with an unpredictable, fragile, and temperamental way of being. They value comfort and security and are courageous, they have no problem pushing past obstacles to get what they want.

Cancerians have built up a strong wall and can be very defensive, since they are sensitive they tend to try and hide their true feelings—since there are a lot of them. A Cancer woman so desperately wants to be loved and cared for, she wants to be approved of; she needs support from those around her and doesn’t do well with criticism or ridicule. She’s got a huge temper and often hides it away which could inherently cause issues in relationships. She demands her needs be met and when they are, she will then give whatever in return. She cares deeply for people, her mothering self comes out strong in relationships and her personality.

She might be the type to stay inside her own comfort zone and not venture out much. She values comfort and staying home, she likes her own little shell. She can be a bit of a pessimist, yet she’s selfless and gives so much to others, and cares deeply to make others feel understood and happy. Cancer women are worriers, they may reveal little of themselves and guard their secrets. She has an incredible intuition, she is filled with women’s intuition and it’s very hard to deceive her.

The Cancer woman cares deeply for her family and her home life. She is full of old-fashioned ideas about marriage and values creating a family that she can care for. If used correctly, she can use her sensitivity in the right way and could have the ability to achieve anything she wants. She is an artistic woman, she can attract wealth quite easily and is great in business. Her home will probably be beautiful and decorated to the max, with any memories from her past and as comfortable as she can get it.

The Cancer Woman in Dating

A Cancer woman will not let you go easily, she digs her crab claws right into you and won’t let you go. She will mother you, take care of you, and nurture you; she’s a loyal woman. She can be possessive as well, anyone who enters her life and leaves will never truly leave. She could be seen as a dream girl most men have, but deep down she is a sensitive and sensual woman. Love finds the fire within her and makes it grow stronger and stronger. She isn’t going to be forward with you, but if she cooks a meal for you or does your laundry, then she has warmed up to you quite well.

She values trust immensely and is a cautious girl when it comes to giving you her heart in her soft hands. She needs love and security and you’ve got her loyalty within seconds, she will only have eyes for her lover and clings heavily to him. If her heart has been broken, it will take her a long time to recover and forgive. She takes love and relationships seriously, don’t play with her heart.

She loves roses, candlelight, champagne, and anything you could consider stereotypical romantic. If you are looking for a quick love affair, she isn’t the type of girl, she values long-term. If you lose her, her memory will forever haunt you, just as yours will for her.

She can be quite flirtatious, but she is incredibly subtle with it—she’s gentle and deep with it. She believes love is the secret to life and one of the most important things besides family. She is a sentimental woman with an incredible memory, she will remember and value things you probably wouldn’t even think twice about. She is feminine, romantic, a sweetheart, and will create a home for her lover. She likes a man who has a lot of control and needs her.

The Cancer Woman in the Bedroom

She’s a sensual lover, the kind to place a lot of seriousness and value in love-making. She wants the experience to be caring and loving. She needs it to be emotional Although in astrology, someone’s Mars sign rules what they like in the bedroom, so what she likes that relates to her personality could be completely different. But, she values sensuality and comfort, show her you love her and be as emotional as you can be.

She isn’t the type to come to you, she is way to shy for that, (unless she has more out-going placements in her birth chart), she’s scared to be judged and won’t come out of her shell easily. She can be super confident with the right kind of lover, someone who is understanding, kind, and considerate. She is all about the right time and right place sexually, she won’t be the kind to do it anywhere that isn’t comfortable to her. She expects compliments when she undresses and enjoys taking her time in the bedroom.

She may lose some of her shyness when she gets more comfortable with you and will let herself go. She isn’t the kind for roughness and desires sweetness sexually.

The Cancer Woman’s Likes and Dislikes

She’s unlikely to criticize you on these things for fear of you doing the same to her, but she values these things strongly.

The things she values most in a partner:

  • Stability and Security.
  • Undying trust, she needs to feel comfortable opening up to you.
  • Someone romantic, soft, and sensual.
  • Someone who is kind and sympathetic.
  • Someone who is family-oriented.
  • Someone who understands her sensitive side.

The things she’d find to be a dealbreaker:

  • Someone who is looking for casual fun.
  • Someone not emotionally open.
  • Someone who doesn’t value family.
  • Someone who isn’t there when she needs them—absent.
  • Someone who doesn’t reassure her with how they feel.
  • Someone who doesn’t care deeply about what matters to her.

The Cancer Woman’s Best & Worst Match

Now, compatibility is way more than just someone’s Sun sign. Astrology is made up of many components and so are we as humans. But, there are of course Sun signs that mesh well together and work well with a Cancer’s personality.

Cancer Woman’s Best Match

  • Taurus
  • Virgo
  • Pisces

Cancer Woman’s Worst Match

  • Sagittarius
  • Aquarius
  • Aries

What kind of lover is a Cancer Woman?

She is a nurturing, romantic, and sensual lover. She cares deeply and loves hard even if it takes her a bit to fully open up. She values her partner deeply and never has a pair of wandering eyes. She wants to give her lover a comfortable home life, she wants to take care of them—she mothers them. She is the kind to cook a beautiful dinner for them, this is one way of hers of showing love and care. She is selfless and gives way too much, she does this in hopes her lover will appreciate this and recognize how much she gives. She is the kind of lover who will never leave your mind and nurtures you deeply. She can be seen as the epitome of a housewife.

What type of body does a Cancer Woman like?

She likes a strong man with a gentle heart. She is all about comfort and wants someone she can cuddle up with. She isn’t the kind to judge so she appreciates anybody that comes in her direction. She values tradition and could go for the traditional type of man. She wants someone with a strong exterior but a soft interior, almost like her. She needs someone who will let her feed them as well.

How to know if a Cancer Woman likes You?

She will be deeply caring and open up to you. Once she can trust you, she will open up like a flower which is a sign she likes you. She will feed you and do your laundry and make sure you’re put together; she is selfless and will give herself completely if she really likes you. She will try to learn all about you and understand you, she is a confusing girl and might need stability in learning about you. She’s a shy girl, she flirts subtly and won’t outright tell you, so you have to look out for the tiny clues she gives you.

Gifts for a Cancer Woman

  1. A pair of slipper or loungewear.
  2. A romantic night in, candles, dinner, a comfy bed.
  3. A love letter, she would love to hear how much you appreciate her.
  4. Roses. She loves classically romantic gifts.
  5. A cookbook and let her cook you dinner.

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