Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility

When two water signs come together, it’s magic and bliss all round. Cancer and Scorpio are known as “sister signs,” so when they unify in love and romance you can expect lots & lots of sensuality, sexuality, spirituality, and sparks! There are so many ways for this duo to connect. A soulmate synergy develops naturally and rather effortlessly, and Cancer and Scorpio will find themselves alternating between sweet, romantic, and sensual vibes to wild, passionate, and steamy.

Cancer x Scorpio – Romance and Sexual Chemistry

Cancer is the Crab and Scorpio is the Scorpion, so, as they are both creatures of the sea, it is quite literally a match made in the heavens. Scorpio rules the deeply mysterious and intense 8th house of sex, death, rebirth, and alchemical transformation. Scorpio´s approach to love and sex is basically a total reflection of this! They´re intense, passionate, charming, and highly intuitive- they know how to read people, and can even communicate telepathically, beyond the need for words. This is enhanced with someone born into the Cancerian sign. 

Scorpio adds a mysterious, intense, spiritual, and wild & steamy aspect to Cancer´s sex life. Cancer is just as magical with their own instincts and midas touch! Both signs are powerful intuitives, and empaths, which signifies that they know what to serve their partner and at the perfect time. They´re both givers as well, loving to please… The sexual synergy between these too is quite simply orgasmic, people could get inspired or sensually stimulated just through watchign these two in love. In public situations they like to show their affections through physical touch, intense and loving eye contact, warmth and sincere affection, and a strong magnetism that says, ´We are totally in love and secure within ourselves and our relationship.´ Their passion and devotion reflects in the bedroom. 

Highlights of this sexual match: intense chemistry, love and devotion, romance, passion and admiration, emotional warmth & intelligence, understanding, empathy, sincere feelings, caring and nurturance, generosity, and a healthy balance of giving-receiving. 

The only one setback that might occur in their love life is the tendency for Cancer to be mega submissive. Cancer is hopelessly devoted to their lover, especially if they´re embodying a kingly or queenly, or god or goddess-like energy; yet, this means they become overly submissive. Because Scorpio has an innate pull towards domination and even moments of machochism, this can create a really unhealthy and somewhat toxic exchange dynamic. This pair may fall into episodes of lust, euphoric bliss, and submissive-dominant scenarios. In short, Cancer could become Scorpio´s very own sex slave! With consent and a base vibration of love, of course.

Cancer x Scorpio – Family and Marriage

There may be some minor clashes in this department. Scorpio is anciently ruled by Mars, a very fiery, primal, and dominating planet of war, lust, competition, aggression, and- when positively expressed- action and vitality. Combined with this is the fact that their ruling house is pretty intense too, with themes of death, sex, mysteries, and intensity, as mentioned earlier. Overall this makes Scorpio the dominant, yet Cancer is just as self-protecting and protecting when it comes to their values and their family. The clashes that may arise is when Cancer wants to make some decisions that set the tone or pathe the way. Scorpio generally won´t mind, they are sensitive, empathetic, and intuitive too. But there will be a tendency to stay in charge, even if subtly.

Apart from this it should be smooth sailing. These are two very imaginative, inspirational, caring, loving, instinctive, intuitive, and both spiritual and creative signs. They share similar values when it comes to raising children, and both like a harmonious and chilled home life; and they love introducing fun, creative, and educational things for their children, if they have any. Cancer is a bit more of a home-body, therefore Scorpio might frustrate them “ever so slightly” when they want to go out, explore, meet friends, or have hobbies (or work) outside of the relationship. Communication can solve a lot of unnecessary drama and tension. 

Scorpio might be the breadwinner and main provider, at least financially, as they are the more resourceful and ambitious of the two. However Cancer is just as likely to provide for the family and partnership, as they can be very lucky. For example, they may receive a windfall from some creative or spiritual talent, an inheritance, or come into some major prosperity at some point. Both Cancer and Scorpio are lucky when it comes to money and finances, and to attracting wealth and abundance, in many forms, to create a happy and stable life. Furthermore, Scorpio appreciates Cancer´s maternal and caretaking (regardless of gender), feminine, domestic, and practical touch. The influence of the 4th house (Cancer’s ruling house) touches Scorpio´s soul in a welcoming way, however it is important to not be overly domestic or dutiful and to bring some playfulness and creative magic into the connection.

Cancer x Scorpio – Friendships and Platonic Partnerships

There will always be magnetic sexual attraction and chemistry between these two, but if they decide to stay friendly or enter into a creative or business partnership together you can expect genius ideas, and in frequennt measures! Ideas, innovation, and amazing imagination flow in abundance when these two join forces. Both are mystical, spiritually aware, psychic and clairvoyant- even if to a degree, artistically gifted, and determined and passionate to create something meaningful in life. Water signs add depth and spiritual, psychic, or artistic enhancement to any project or venture; they´re extremely empathic too, which allows them to bring others together and find unity instead of division.

One other thing that should be mentioned with this pair is just how otherworldly and ethereal they are, or can be. If a Cancer and Scorpio work together for any altruistic, charitable, visionary, humanitarian or holistic-spiritual mission, they can accomplish a lot. Also, inspiring future generations to come. There is an angelic, higher, and multidimensional frequency associated with water- they can see  directly through the veil of illusion and into the subconscious realm. So they may choose to birth through higher consciousness insights or “out of this world” phenomena (wisdom, knowledge, creative works, etc.) that will have a lasting impact for humanity.

Things to watch out for Red Flags & Warnings!

Manipulation. This is the worst shadow trait that is core to all water signs. Cancers specifically are master manipulators when they don´t get their way, or when they feel hurt, put upon, used, or misunderstood. Scorpio can be quite fiery when standing their ground, thus arguments and heated tempers are things to watch out for. Scorpio can equally be the more jealous and possessive one of the two, as a Fixed sign, so it’s up to Cancer to lovingly reassure them and woo them with their sweetness and sincere affections, love, and loyalty for them. 

Finally, to keep this relationship shining and thriving, perpetual communication is needed. Both signs are overly emotional and super-sensitive at times, which means that illusions can seep through if they´re not being crystal clear on their true emotions and intentions. Empathic, mindful, and compassionate communication is also called for… remember to play and have fun too! The only other warning sign is that things can get a bit “heavy.”

Cancer and Scorpio General Rating:

Love: 9

Sexual Synergy: 9

Emotions & Emotional Connection: 8

Intellectual & Psychological Connection: 8

True Love/Soulmate Compatibility: 10!

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