Pisces and Cancer Compatibility

As soon as these two signs meet, the same feeling of understanding and attraction immediately arises between them, which in the future might lead to a very harmonious relationship. The Cancer and the Pisces do not necessarily go out on a quest for perfect love, but as soon as they find their match, they both do everything to live in quite a haven of mutual understanding and love. They understand each other perfectly and are always ready to listen, understand and help their chosen one. Pieces will do anything to surround their beloved with care and warmth, and cancer, in turn, will give their partner warmth and provide needed nurture. Even if disagreements arise between them, they always know how to find a compromise. They manage to maneuver among the turmoil, continuing to slowly go with the flow of happy companionship, simply not paying attention to the difficulties that arise, concentrating on the most important dilemmas only. 

But as it happens for every relationship, not everything in this union is so cloudless – sometimes these two signs might be very emotional and overly sensitive. The Pisces will sometimes close off and isolate themselves, this oftentimes triggers Cancer and that’s when the conflict arises. 

It is important to know all the aspects of compatibility of these signs, as understanding the union’s authentic nature will help individuals to easily jump over the hurdles created artificially in one’s love life.

Pisces and Cancer friendship compatibility

Cancer, as we all know, is difficult to impress when it comes to the ability to love since this feature is profoundly ingrained in its personality, but this is not the case with Pisces. Pisces, on the other hand, is sensitive to Cancer’s concealed sentiments and will allow them the time they need to adjust to their new surroundings. Pisces is at ease around Cancer since Cancer always creates a secure environment for others to express their feelings. This connection is great since they never run out of things to talk about and never fail to participate in fun activities.

Cancer and Pisces as friends are inseparable because they always enjoy each other’s company and, in most cases, these two signs have the same interests and hobbies. Even sitting in silence and doing nothing feels like quality time for them, that’s why these water signs never feel the need to take a break from a friendship or drift apart naturally. 

Pisces and Cancer relationship compatibility for marriage

Cancer and Pisces create their special world, hidden from the prying eyes of others. Their house is cozy and full of love. They live in harmony, enjoying the benefits of the union. Both are aware of the value of the family, children, and their feelings. They are not prone to conflicts – they prefer to receive positive emotions at home, as they might have enough problems to deal with in the outside world. Most often, Pisces underline the fact that they are understanding individuals, and that they can be dependent on Cancer most of the time, meanwhile, Cancer embraces this attachment and provides a safe space for the partner. Both are open to frank dialogues, strive to avoid quarrels, and always understand a loved one. In marriage, they have similar temperaments, outlooks, values. 

The couple in marriage has amazing physical and spiritual compatibility.

But sometimes the characteristics of water signs, like their elements, are changeable and contradicting. Cancer and Pisces in different aspects behave completely differently – their tranquility and positive qualities depend on the person who is nearby, and on the feelings, they have in that specific timeline.

Pisces and Cancer in bed (sex compatibility)

Their sexual connection will be intense, fascinating, and varied. Pisces and Cancer’s approaches in this field are constantly out of the ordinary, and their sexual cravings are built on a firm sensory basis. The nature of their sexual relationship is based on how well and deeply they understand one another. And, while they are both extremely perceptive and have high emotional intelligence, they still may have difficulty asserting themselves and taking initiative.

They are unlikely to be able to act assertively once they have grown bored of each other’s sensitivity. As a result, these signs must master the art of taking initiative while also ensuring that the process does not take too long.

Pisces and Cancer emotional compatibility

Pisces and Cancer as mentioned before, are both signs of water elements, so they feel each other on an intuitive level. The partners have much common ground, they have a philosophical mindset and are ready to help anyone who is in trouble. The element of water gives Pisces and Cancer emotionality and sensitivity.

Cancers are always looking for someone stronger than themselves in order to feel entirely safe and relieved of their responsibilities. These individuals are a bit timid. Pisces on the other hand has a certain dualism to them: their wants and objectives might be inconsistent. Not every single aspect of Cancer and Pisces is compatible but when in love, Cancers and Pisces always manage to find that common ground of mutual understanding. Thus, the likelihood of a long-term relationship is fairly high in various circumstances.

Pisces and Cancer compatibility percentage

Cancer and Pisces’ general compatibility goes up to – 96%. These airy, light and sensual relationships will be remembered by both for life – they will have romance, attraction, and a strong spiritual connection, whenever in a healthy union. 

Their compatibility in trust is almost 80% as these signs find it easy to open up their hearts even in the early phases of a relationship and this allows them to be trusting towards each other’s actions and lives. 

The emotional compatibility of these water signs is 95%. They are attentive to each other’s smallest wishes and appreciate sensitivity and affection. They get along well, and neither the Pisces nor the Cancer has to make compromises or sacrifices in order to establish mutual understanding.

Intellectual compatibility goes up to 85%. These signs mostly have the same hobbies, enjoy reading the same books, and watch the same movies. They are always eager to engage in deep conversations and showcase their brilliant intellect. 

Both of these signs have the same system of values, so their compatibility is 90% in this case. They support long-term relationships and are always for nurturing and caring unions when they can be unapologetically themselves. 

Compatibility in sex for Pisces and cancer is 80% – This delightful couple of romantics’ amazes those around them with an ocean of feelings and emotions. Their temperaments are ideally combined, and the intimate life is no exception. Both are very responsive, sensitively responding to any desires of a lover. 

Activities they undertake in their social life are also very same and they have diverse interests, but they do overlap in most cases, so the compatibility percentage, in this case, is 70% for them. The activities they enjoy doing depend solemnly on their current mood, so sometimes they might feel different and enjoy doing different types of things, which is normal.

Pisces man and Cancer woman compatibility

This union works out more successfully than the reverse combination. The Pisces man is inherently more assertive and active, while the Cancer woman knows how to take initiative only in extreme cases, and the activity in her life is much more restrained than that of the Pisces man. 

The efforts of the Cancer woman will certainly be appreciated by the Pisces man since the latter lacks practicality, and Cancers are very successful in this regard. Both partners will often quietly and tenderly confess their love to each other, share the most intimate things. the Pisces man has always enough will and wisdom to be the first to reconcile after conflicts arise.

Are Cancers and Pisces compatible together?

Both signs are representatives of the element of Water, which means that they have mutual understanding at the highest level. As you know, in water signs, the emotional sphere is dominant, therefore, if contact will occur between Cancer and Pisces, first of all – it will be emotional. Therefore, they need to have emotional compatibility and then work in other fields. 

Career-wise – Cancer, and Pisces are comfortable in the same team, but they prefer to work on their own, so as not to be responsible for other people’s mistakes, and not to be distracted by frequent communication. They both are not prone to over-excitement, rash decisions, but are reliable and stable performers. Their work performance and results depend solemnly on their mood.

Cancer and Pisces are very attached to their home. They purely psychologically need a place of solitude for the soul and body. But that is why for Cancer and Pisces, more than for anyone else, a periodic change of scenery, getting new emotions and experiences is important. After all, stagnant water turns into a swamp – so, having a union of cancer and Pisces will help this companionship to never freeze in one spot and be actively engaged in social life. 

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