Pisces and Virgo Compatibility

Being opposing signs, these two both sense that they have qualities that the other lacks and would desire to have. Pisces being more receptive is happy to have Virgo take on a more active, leading role.

Virgo has the talent of mental organization. They can efficiently find detailed information on all sorts of people, places, and events and are able to organize their living spaces, finances, and work responsibilities with impressive skill. They are also gifted at taking care of their physical well-being through diet, exercise, and sleep. They tend to be conservative with their spending and are not known for indulging in fantasy. However, due to being super particular and conscientious, they can have trouble relaxing and letting go.

Pisces, meanwhile, has opposing and complementary traits. Their belongings may be in disarray, although this doesn’t seem to bother them very much. They like being able to hide away their possessions and secrets and create an allure of mystery through living in organized chaos.

On a conscious level, the Fish don’t think they desire any of Virgo’s qualities, but deep down, they know they could benefit from less daydreaming and procrastination and strengthening their ability to commit to long-term goals. They may not like to admit that they need to develop these Virgo traits, but they do sense it on a subconscious level. This awareness of the qualities they lack leads them to be deeply fascinated by Virgo and maybe also a little intimated and nervous around them.

Virgo seems to exude a challenge to Pisces, daring them to keep up with their organized and efficient ways. Yet such tactics can easily scare the Fish away since they don’t believe in aggressive competition.

Pisces and Virgo Friendship Compatibility

Being mutable signs, these two are capable of communicating very clearly, even though they are both a little shy to open up at first.

Pisces has qualities that Virgo could benefit from imitating. Virgo is consciously aware of these qualities since their minds are acute enough to sense their weaknesses instead of pushing them down into the subconscious.

Virgo may be envious of the Piscean gifts of daydreaming and making their dreams come true tough sheer faith and by affirming their belief in the benevolence of life. The Fish also possess a tremendous amount of patience, trusting in the flow of life to bring them where they need to go and when they need to go there.

Of course, all this faith and trust means that Pisces is constantly being tested by the cosmic and lower frequency beings to see if they truly are as committed to surrendering to the universe as they say they are.

For Virgo, who is not both with such a hopeful disposition, they will have to work to obtain it. By simply hanging around their Pisces friend long enough, they will begin to soak up their trusting temperament through osmosis.

While the Fish do not easily give up on their dreams, they do have a tendency to give in to their fears and inhibitions. Pisces is a dual-natured sign, meaning they feel pulled in two opposing directions at once. Thus, instead of judging them, Virgo needs to sympathize with the dual-natured Fish, as being torn apart in this way can be acutely painful.

The Fish are extremely sensitive, intuitive, and perceptive. They can sense what you’re going through without a single word, simply though picking up your emotional vibes. This makes them compassionate and wise and highly empathetic to the needs of other.

However, seen from a different perspective, this same ability can be dangerous. Sensitivity can also mean they have a vivid imagination and strongly creative mind so they have to be on guard to avoid distorting the vibes they are picking up from others with their own misleading imagination.

Virgo is of course not so prone to such distortions or misperceptions, and as such can help Pisces to see reality more clearly. They can help the Fish to see that a problem may not be as negative as they may have first believed and encourage Pisces to overcome their unfounded fears.

By helping Pisces in this way, Virgo will feel quite fulfilled, comforted, and cheerful. By giving to Pisces, they learn the much sough-after lesson of how to be gentle and easeful with themselves and with life. The Pisces will then open up more and give Virgo more problems to solve, making them feel useful and helpful, which Virgo naturally loves.

Pisces and Virgo Relationship / Marriage Compatibility

Virgo may cut corners on clothing and furniture, but when it comes to health and medicine, they will go all out. They are practical and sensible and enjoy sharing their useful discoveries and storehouse of factual knowledge with the Fish who is not usually one to take such a pragmatic approach to life.

Virgo is great at listening to Pisces, which Pisces finds refreshing since they’re usually the ones doing all the comforting and listening to others.

Financially, there may be some issues as Pisces likes to share their money but Virgo does not. Virgo may judge Pisces as being immature and careless and giving money away to friends instead of lending it. Pisces, in turn, may feel that Virgo is too concerned about financial security and perceive this as a limitation on their freedom to be themselves.

Pisces and Virgo in Bed

Virgo will give into Piscean charm and seduction, but not immediately. Although Virgo is magnetically drawn to Pisces, they will take their time with intimacy, wanting to preserve their self-respect.

Being opposite signs, they both feel an inescapable draw to merge, making them natural lovers. They may fight over other issues, but lovemaking won’t be one of them.

Their polarized chemistry is potent and powerful. Pisces’ delicate and poetic approach to lovemaking will stir the Virgo heart since they don’t respond well to aggressive types. Virgo’s earthy sensuality and quiet allure are deeply intoxicating to Pisces, like a forgotten melody they are trying to remember.

These two are both generous lovers and enjoy pleasing each other greatly. They are concerned with each others’ emotional needs during lovemaking and eager to put one another first.

Pisces and Virgo Emotional Compatibility

Virgo’s biggest flaw is being too critical and nagging their partner. Pisces can’t bear being nagged, and may retaliate by becoming irritable or defiantly going out of their way to do exactly what Virgo criticizes them about.

Pisces may also choose to drown their sorrows in addictive substances or escape into daydreams and shut down communication, quietly growing bitter and resentful.
Virgo has to be careful not to kill the gentleness they sense in their partner by being too demanding and critical.

Pisces, meanwhile, has to realize that keeping secrets will hurt their partner deeply. Pisces may be keeping secrets for no reason at all, except that they feel safer doing so with strangers. They have to realize that Virgo usually only worries because they want them to be happy. They have to admit that they do need to be looked after from time to time by someone, like Virgo, who genuinely cares about their emotional wellbeing and peace of mind, since they are not exactly very good at taking care of themselves.

These two are adaptive and enjoy traveling and sharing their experiences through long conversations. Virgo may feel anxious when the relationship doesn’t have a clear goal, thus allowing Virgo to steer and guide will help them to feel calmer. Virgo has a bright, quick, and sensible mind and will be eager to guide Pisces in talking through their problems, analyzing them, and finding a solution.

Pisces and Virgo Compatibility Percentage

Trust: 70%

Virgo values honesty by default while Pisces can be prone to deception and hiding their motivations.

Emotions: 75%

Pisces is more emotionally expressive, while Virgo tends to overthink how they’re feeling.

Intellect: 80%

Being mutable signs, they will have many interesting conversations and explore a variety of different subjects.

Values: 70%

They both value service and sensitivity, but Virgo values order and efficiency far more than Pisces who is more comfortable with the unknown.

Sex: 90%
Being opposing signs creates an irresistibly magnetic attraction and both being givers in bed, they can enjoy a tremendous amount of mutual pleasure.

What are some famous Pisces-Virgo couples?

Cameron Diaz (Virgo) and Benji Madden (Pisces), Evan Rachel Wood (Virgo) and Jamie Bell (Pisces), Matthew Vaughn (Pisces) and Claudia Schiffer (Virgo).

What signs are a good match for Virgo?

Virgo matches well with the other earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn, and the water signs, Cancer and Scorpio.

Are Pisces and Virgo a good match for marriage?

Pisces and Virgo make a great match for marriage, as being opposite signs, they feel a strong magnetic attraction and are both unselfish givers.

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