Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility

Together, these two are masters of manifestation. Once Aquarians drop their fixed attitudes, they are natural alchemists, able to create with their inventive genius. Pisces, with their more fluid and open-minded nature, are able to help them become less fixed and free up their wild creative potential. Like water softening and creating a moist ground, these two are good for each other, creating a gentle ambiance of hopeful dreams and enchanting possibilities.

Together, they can become curious detectives investigating the mysteries of the world or open up shop and serve humanity through repairing objects or broken hearts. Together, they can get to the bottom of pretty much any puzzle. Piscean sensitivity and perceptivity combines beautifully with the Water Bearer’s attention to detail and flashes of intuitive knowing.

Their behavior together may deviate from the norm, sometimes drawing quite the crowd. Aquarius senses that there is something to learn from Pisces but sometimes is too arrogant to acknowledge it.

For instance, they may need to learn Piscean patience, since Aquarius doesn’t have much of it. Pisces is usually good-natured about Aquarian eccentricities, but sometimes they get nervous about how the public will perceive them. Pisces tend to be a people pleaser, while Aquarius couldn’t care less about how they are perceived by mainstream society.

Pisces and Aquarius Friendship Compatibility

Pisces tends to be secretive, always wanting to hold something back, which can drive Aquarius crazy. While the Water Bearer is not interested in petty gossip, they do get super curious when a secret is involved and the more elusive, the more it arouses their detective-like inquisitiveness. Once they know there’s a top-secret box locked away somewhere, they can’t stand not to know what’s inside.

Together, these two will love guessing the answers to life’s riddles, whether they are scientific quandaries or figuring out what makes humans tick. Aquarius is not afraid to walk up to strangers and ask the most shocking questions. Their manner of asking can leave people so stunned that they blurt out the answer. Pisces isn’t nearly so direct but is brimming with curiosity to discover what their friend has discovered.

Aquarius is not interested in social status but is simply curious about other people’s experiences. They test out their hunches by directly asking. Pisces meanwhile is intuitive enough to sense where people are coming from, without needing to question too much.

These two do also have quite a few things in common. They are both dreamy and both enjoy art, poetry, and music. However, the Water Bearer prefers more unconventional styles of creativity, like street art and avant-garde poetry. They can also both be careless about money. They don’t always keep track of their spending or if they do, they may quickly forget about the totals.

When it comes to anger, they will lose their temper differently. Pisces is more passive-aggressive, briefly expressing their frustration before retreating away. This is confusing and upsetting to Aquarius, who doesn’t understand why there are not more direct. Aquarians prefer to let out all their anger in one explosive flash and then quickly forget the issue and move on. Yet the Pisces psyche is not so quick to forget and remembers these quarrels for a lot longer, needing time alone before coming out from their hiding place. To understand Pisces, Aquarius must be gentle and peaceful, since the Fish are likely to run at the first hint of emotional turmoil.

Pisces and Aquarius Relationship Compatibility for Marriage

The Water Bearer is not easy to surprise but is always full of surprises. They enjoy keeping their partners in suspense by doing unexpected things like taking flights on a whim, learning ancient languages, or changing up their appearance just for fun. In short, they are easily bored, so important that the Fish keeps them on their toes if they want to keep them around. Thankfully, Pisces should have no trouble keeping the Water Bearer engaged since they have many different interests, ranging from abstract subjects like mathematics to more poetic pursuits like watching the stars at night.

The Fish are also difficult to surprise but are not in the habit of shocking people as much as Aquarius is. They understand human nature and have great tolerance for it. They know what it’s like to feel like a misfit and are very tolerant of odd behavior. As a result, many people feel safe enough to open up to them and reveal their true character.

The Fish are considerate and caring and willing to give their partners all that they have, even if it isn’t much. Yet they are also prone to procrastinating and putting off their dreams indefinitely since they don’t like facing the harshness of the world.

While the Aquarian partner will welcome their material generosity, they will most appreciate hearing Pisces share their dreams, visions, and vulnerability. These offerings of the soul are worth more to the Water Bearer than any physical gift. They are discerning enough to know that the intangible is what is real and value what can’t always be perceived.

The Fish must learn to expect the unexpected from their Aquarian partner. Even if their work is very conventional, the Water Bearer will find a way to put a surprising and unique twist on it. They may drive a scooter to work, carry their belongings in a basket, wear heels with gym clothes, or become experts on Turkish carpets. The more original and peculiar the hobby, the more it will pique the Water Bearer’s curiosity.

The Water Bearer’s love of humanity and gentle heart comes across in all they do, but it doesn’t mean they are caught up in what people think. Thus, they may easily embarrass their Pisces partners by refusing to conform to social expectations.

These two both mistrust promises and don’t like to make them. The Fish don’t think too much about breaking them while Aquarius will avoid making one right off the bat if they know there is a chance they can keep them. All you can really get them to promise is that they’ll try their best to do what they say they’re going to do. Aquarius knows they can’t control their future feelings and they don’t bother to promise that they can.

The Water Bearer is quick to share their problems and theories with Pisces and eager to hear their opinion. They don’t need emotional support as much as they need someone to hear their grand visions. They will generally listen to the advice, but in a few issues decide to do their own thing. Pisces don’t mind that in the slightest and will be quick to comfort them if one of their projects fails.

While the Fish are normally emotionally dependable, they do have their limits. When they can’t tolerate hurt any longer, in whatever form it takes, they will swim away. Aquarius can also disappear since they are only able to bear so much pressure before screaming out for emotional freedom. They don’t blame their partner for this, however, since they know that they are their own authority and hold the keys to their own freedom.

Pisces and Aquarius in Bed

The sexual relationship between these two may be more experimental in the beginning. Neither likes the idea of submitting physically to each other. They may go through the motions of intimacy, but not find true spiritual union through lovemaking. It is only when their souls are also engaged that their passions can translate into the physical.

For Aquarius, sexual fulfillment is only one of life’s many enchanted joys, while for Pisces it’s an important dream of unity realized. Together, they can discover more poetry in intimacy than most. But first, Aquarius must commit fully to their Pisces partner and Pisces must prove that they are a true friend. They must show that they desire not on the Water Bearer’s heart and body, but their mind as well.

For Aquarius in a marriage partnership, friendship comes first, romance second, and sex third. As such, any feeling of disloyalty in their friendship will cause Aquarius to turn off sexually. While Aquarius is passionate, their passion doesn’t fully come alive until there is also mental affinity with their partner.

Pisces and Aquarius Emotional Compatibility

Pisces has the weakness of being eager to neglect his personal well-being and their own needs in order to give to those in need. To Aquarius, however, such self-sacrifice is not a character flaw but a strength, since being able to help others is one of their core qualifiers of friendship.

The biggest Aquarius personality flaw is their refusal to conform and hunger for change and new experiences. To Pisces, however, this is not an issue, because unconventionality is the gateway to the mythopoetic, transcendental realm.

Pisces and Aquarius Compatibility Percentage

Trust: 80%

Aquarians are honest by principle while Pisces can bend the truth to avoid confrontation.

Emotions: 70%

Aquarius can be a little too emotionally detached for Pisces to feel truly at ease.

Intellect: 80%

The Water Bearer’s flashes of brilliance will inspire new intuitive insights in the Fish.

Values: 90%

They both value service to humanity, the arts, and intuitive knowing.

Sex: 85%

Once they overcome their fear of merging on a soul level, these two can enjoy deep intimacy.

What are some famous Pisces-Aquarius couples?

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, Nick Flynn and Lili Taylor.

What signs are a good match for Aquarius?

The Water Bearer pairs up well with the other air signs, Gemini and Libra, and gains a lot of creative inspiration from the fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius.

Are Pisces and Aquarius a good match for marriage?

The Fish and Water Bearer make a great match since they both value humanity, service, the arts, and intuitive insights. Once they establish a solid basis of friendship, their marriage can flourish and thrive.

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